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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 13th July 2018

They may be world-renowned as the leading manufacturer of touch up paint, and worth about a gazillion quid nowadays, but that hasn’t stopped the guys at Chipex venturing into other areas, most recently the business of seriously clever car care products.

It has to be said too, their new items here are not only bloody good value, but they appear to be the pinnacle of what can be done with current technology.

Developed here in the UK by their in-house Chartered Chemist (a Fellow of the Royal Society, no less), they’re all designed to give absolutely no compromise on technical performance, quality, or cost. In fact, these items take so long to hone to absolute perfection, they’re only actually launching three to start off with.

When we say clever, we mean it too. They have an interior cleaner that actively repels dust and prevents re-soiling. Their Uber Super Concentrate Shampoo which has a simply ridiculous dilation ratio of 1:400. And a 1-litre bottle of green stuff that makes up to 80-litres of ultra-high performance, water-repelling screen wash. To be honest, we think they may be showing off a bit here, but you’ve got to respect the chemistry!

Priced from £13

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