Carbon Revolution CR-9

This super-high end wheel from Australian company, Carbon Revolution, is apparently the world’s very first one-piece full carbon fibre road wheel. It took nearly 12-years to develop the top secret and rather intensive manufacturing process to create, what we believe, to be the ultimate in hi-tech lightness. Yes people, this item could be the most technologically advanced hoop on the planet.

Available in direct fitments for a mixture of exotic metal (but all the right PCDs for adapting down to more core motors) these are not only made and tested to OEM standards, but they’re 100 percent guaranteed to make you break out into a cold sweat if you even see a kerb, let alone brush up against one!

We want some though –we want them with much the same passion we want to come home and find Michaela Strachan covered in Cookies and Cream Haagen Dazs (that’s just wrong mate – Jules).

Carbon Revolution CR-9

Now, obviously their main raison d’être is the fact they’re 40 to 50-percent lighter than even the most slimline standard hoops. In fact a whopping 12×19-incher comes in at just 7.9kg! The top design, staggered fitments and details like the alloy backplate and inserts (to stop any carbon crushing incidents when you torque ‘em up) doesn’t do them any harm either!

Of course, all this space-age tech doesn’t come cheap but you do get a set of nuts and UK delivery. So, if you’ve got the sort of wallet that takes a JCB to lift it out of your pocket, there’s nothing The future is here, and it comes from down under!

Sizes: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12×19-inch PCDs: 5×112, 5×120, 5×130

Priced from £15,000 (a set)

For more info see Carbon Rev