The tasty new 20-inch Tirian from Cades Wheels has just hit the streets and, we’ve gotta say, we’re not only loving the awesome black and diamond cut finish but we can’t help seeing huge potential for pure, unadulterated baller awesomeness on the horizon.

Available in a 5x112PCD (perfect for big Audis, Mercs and VDubs), with the choice of a reasonable 8.5-inch width or a super-girthy 10!

If that’s not enough baller credentials for ya, how about this? According to my thoroughly scientific research (on Wikipedia? – Jules), this wheel is also named after the last king of Narnia, a skilled swordsmen who’s best mate was a unicorn called Jewel.

So, there you go, get these puppies staggered on your motor and you’ll officially be rolling like fictional fantasy royalty. Not many people can say that!

Price £200 each

For more info see Cades Wheels