We love a classically-designed rim here at FC, that goes without saying, but sometimes, just sometimes, we hanker after something absolutely bonkers-looking too. And that’s exactly what we’ve got here with this new addition to the Bola Range.

Although the B18 seems a tad more batshit than most though, like all their other cast wheels these funky ‘intertwined’ 10-spokers incorporate PCD pockets, meaning they can custom drill any stud pattern between 5×98 and 5×130.

Of course, that also means they will fit pretty much anything, but from the staggered sizes on offer (and the fact that there’s a tasty deep concave on the wider versions), we suspect these will be most popular on the more Germanic cruisers out there. Most likely the ones with owners who like to do everything with a twist… or ten.

It takes big brass balls to bring a rim like this to the UK market, but we respect that. Hats off.

Sizes: 8.5 and 9.5×19
PCD: Any 5×98-5×130
Offset: ET20-38
Finishes: Gunmetal/polished, gloss black/polished, silver/polished, matt bronze

Bola B18, from £895 (set)

For more info see Bola Wheels