Tarox Mini Big Brake Kit
Italian braking expert Tarox has announced details of its vast range of enhancements to help stop all Mini models. The company has recently invested heavily in expanding its BMW Mini range to include the new Paceman, and the not-quite-so-new Countryman, Coupe and Roadster. In addition to all these new models, recent sales success and an improved Euro exchange rate have allowed the company to address the pricing of all parts within the BMW MINI range.

The Paceman is a whole new market area for Mini, but one that embraces many of the brand values that the car was born with; namely speed, handling and overall, fun! This is a car that enjoys being driven, and like all Minis, benefits from being tuned. Good news then that the Italian braking maestro has created an effective range of high-value braking upgrades to allow owners of all variants to press on just that little bit harder on their favourite back road.

Initially a disc and pad upgrade has been introduced, which allows owners to utilise their standard factory calipers to effect a truly cost-effective upgrade. Three disc styles are available; the smart offset-radial grooves of the G88, the OEM-esque arcing lines of the F2000 and the sporty demeanour of the drilled-and-grooved Sport Japan version. Each one is built to the same exacting standards, having gained the incredibly stringent German ABE accreditation, allowing owners to personalise this important detail to get their Mini looking precisely the way they want it to.
Tarox Mini Big Brake Kit
All three styles start from £225.00 including VAT, with the effective matching ‘Strada’ pads weighing in at £80.00 including VAT. Superb value for increased driving enjoyment and active safety!

Owners of the older R53 and R56 range can also enjoy the same dynamic and aesthetic benefits for their cars too, only now with the added bonus of a 25% price drop across the board to allow them to upgrade to the Tarox solution for not much more than a run-of-the-mill disc and pad equivalent. Tarox is a well-respected brand in the BMW fraternity, particularly amongst the trackday set, so this new pricing policy will hopefully encourage Mini owners to endow their cars with the same braking prowess and margins of safety.

For those really looking to “blow the doors off”, from a braking point of view, the latest Sport Compact kit from Tarox offers their many decades of racecar know-how in an attractive – and hugely effective – package. This kit features a 315mm one piece disc, complete with the fabled B30-6 caliper for the ultimate in road or track retardation. For a limited time, the company is also offering these with custom caliper colours and pad compounds for the promotional price of £1198.00 including VAT. For the owner that wants to drive under the ultimate umbrella of safety and performance, and behind one of the most effective set-ups on the market, then this is the ultimate solution. Tarox runs its own Mini Cooper S as a test vehicle, covering many thousands of track and road miles each year, so it’s safe to say that all of these components have been thoroughly tested under all driving conditions.

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