Check out the sexiness that is the new M-Style Eventuri carbon fibre air intake for the legendary BMW E46 M3.

This beautifully designed intake features carbon fibre intake housing, anodised aluminium inlet cowling, a high flow filter CNC machined MAF tube and a carbon fibre air scoop with a CNC machined aluminium collar.

Add to that three aluminium heat shields with neoprene linings, a high quality silicone coupler and BMW specification hose clamps. Quality!

The internal cone is reverse mounted to help direct incoming airflow through the filter and to help airflow disperse across the filter equally. Trust us, that S54 3.2-litre straight-six will be a happy boy with one of these attached.

Don’t own a BMW E46 M3? No worries, it’s also available for other BMW models, just check out M-Style s website for other applications.

Price  £739 (or £799  supplied and fitted)

For more info see M-Style