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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 27th July 2018

Bilstein announces B14 coilover range for the Renault Twingo 3 & Smart ForTwo Coupe, ForFour Hatchback and Smart ForTwo Cabriolet

Bilstein has turned its attention to the joint Smart and Renault chassis, the one which forms the basis for the third generation Renault Twingo, plus the Smart FortTwo Coupe, ForTwo Cabriolet and ForFour Hatchback. Already fine handling cars in factory form, both the Twingo and the Smart trio really can be transformed with some careful aftermarket additions from the Bilstein range, the firm’s B14 coilovers being a case in point.

Painstakingly developed by Bilstein’s team of world class automotive suspension engineers, B14 coilovers represent the perfect balance between dedicated, track-focussed suspension, and the more compliant setups commonly fitted to road-going vehicles. Managing to blend these two seemingly resolutely disparate ideals certainly hasn’t been easy, but it’s a feat that Bilstein has managed to pull off, thanks in no small part to its staggering wealth of experience within the field.

All B14 coilovers feature Bilstein’s highly regarded gas-pressure and mono-tube upside-down technology, plus progressive Eibach springs, the latter specially developed for the Smart-Renault platform. Adjusting ride height is a simple affair, simple use the C-spanner provided to move the collar and spring platform up or down, the round threads located on the damper body allowing for lowering of approximately 30mm (front) and 50mm (rear).

Priced from £744

For more info see Bilstein