Your car’s interior needs some TLC from time to time, too – here’s our guide to the best interior detailer.

There’s more to it than just vacuuming your carpets when it comes to cleaning your car’s interior. The various surfaces, like the dash and doors, get dirty and dusty. And, while you can use generic products, a dedicated interior detailer will make your life much easier. Our guide will help you pick the best interior detailer. Give our introductory guide a read if your looking to find out more about what car detailing is in general.

How I chose these products

Although I haven’t tested each and every one of these products first-hand, I’m a keen car detailer myself. As such, I know which brands are worth your time, and which traits are important to have in a good interior detailer solution.

Best Interior Detailer In 2024

Chemical guys interior cleaner

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner

Size: 16oz / 473ml
$17.99 / £15.99. Buy Chemical Guys cleaner here.

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner is capable of effectively removing dirt and grime from various elements of your interior as well as protecting it. You can use the stuff on virtually everything in the cabin, from the dashboard to door panels, carpets, seats (both leather and fabric), steering wheel and more.

It protects by using a UV blocker in the formula, this stops plastics from fading and cracking over time. Additionally, the product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, making it a safe choice for those who care about the environment. Overall, Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner is a reliable and effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of a vehicle’s interior.

Meguiar's interior detailer

Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer

Size: 450ml
$10 / £14. Buy Meguiar’s cleaner here.

Meguiar’s has a lot of interior products to choose from, but I can’t ignore one called Ultimate. Ultimate Interior Detailer has been designed to be used on all interior surfaces. You can spray it on your doors and dash, your center console, and even screens. The non-greasy formula cleans quickly and effectively. Ultimate Interior Detailer has superior UV protection to keep your interior looking cleaner for longer and now features Scotchgard protection. It dries quickly and leaves you with a smart, satin finish. You can’t go wrong with Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer.

Chipex interior detailer

Chipex Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner

Size: 500ml
$32.95 / £12.95. Buy Chipex cleaner here.

Chipex might be better known for its touch-up paint, but it also produces car care products. We’re big fans of its Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner, and it’s a great detailer. Naturally, it excels at removing dust, dirt and contaminants. It’s also solvent-free and safe to use on all surfaces. Application is super-easy, too – simply spray and wipe, and there’s no need to buff. It leaves a satin finish and has a fresh new car fragrance. But our favorite thing is the anti-static formulation that repels dust and keeps your interior cleaner for longer. It’s an excellent interior detailer and one that’s definitely worth checking out.

Autoglym interior detailer

Autoglym Interior Shampoo

Size: 500ml
$14 / £10. Buy Autoglym cleaner here

Autoglym Interior Shampoo is an extremely versatile interior detailer. It’s safe to use on all interior fabrics and hard surfaces. You can use it on your doors, dashboard, switches, and pedals, as well as mats and headlining. It quickly and easily cuts through dirt and grime, leaving you with a fresh, clean smell. The low-foam formula is easy to apply and wipe off, and it makes cleaning your interior a breeze. Autoglym Interior Shampoo is a great detailer that performs very well, and it’s a great choice.

Auto Finesse Spritz

Size: 500ml, 1 liter, 5 liters
$17.95 / £9.95. Buy Auto Finesse cleaner here

Auto Finesse Spritz delivers in a big way and ticks all the boxes. It lightly cleans and protects plastics and vinyl in one step. It features a water-based formula that’s easy to use, quickly getting your interior surfaces clean. UV inhibitors protect against fading, while the anti-static formula keeps your interior cleaner for longer. It gives surfaces a matt finish and leaves you with a gorgeous scent as the finishing touch. Auto Finesse Spritz is an excellent interior detailer, and it’s a great buy.

303 Interior Cleaner

Size: 473ml
$25 / £10. Buy 303 cleaner here.

303 Interior Cleaner is another interior detailer that does everything you need in one bottle. It’s tough enough to tackle stubborn stains, lifting dirt away from the surface. Its formula will also help repel dirt and dust to keep your cabin cleaner for longer. But it’s also gentle enough to be used on any surface. 303 Interior Cleaner will happily clean vinyl and plastic, rubber, fabrics and upholstery, and even leather. You can use it on your carpets, LCD screens, and interior glass, too. It leaves no residue and has a lovely fresh scent as well. It’s a superb detailer that does everything well and is definitely worth a look.

Now you know the best interior detailers, check out our step by step guide on how to clean your car’s interior.