You might think all microfiber cloths are created equal, but you’d be wrong – our guide to the best microfiber car cloths will help you pick the right one.

Microfiber cloths are essential when it comes to detailing your car. Everyone should have a big old pile of them ready for all occasions. Whether you’re buffing, polishing, wiping, cleaning, or anything else, the right microfiber cloth will make your job so much easier. There’s a mind-boggling amount to choose from, so we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out our favorite microfiber car cloths.

For this guide, we focused on versatile cloths that can do everything well, meaning you’ll only need one cloth for all your automotive tasks.

What is a microfiber car cloth?

Put simply, it’s a cloth made from microfibers that tend to be soft, and absorbent, which can be used in a multitude of scenarios. Here, we’re focusing on its use on cars. But that’s not to say you couldn’t use them around your house, for example. Although be warned, some cloths aren’t as soft as others and could damage your paintwork.

Microfiber car cloths are an essential detailing tool. You’ll need one during all of your final detailing stages, for example cleaning the windows, or while using quick detailer or interior spray, waxing/polishing etc. When you’re cleaning the exterior of your car with finishing products, its always best to use a cloth that is soft and plush, but also one that is absorbent. We’ll go onto how to buy the best microfiber cloths at the bottom of this guide.

It’s also important to know the different between microfiber car cloths and microfiber drying towels. While both are designed to be soft and absorbent, drying towels do the absorbent aspect far better. They’re usually larger, and far thicker, meaning they can cover more surface area while also retaining more moisture. If you’re looking for drying towels after your washing stage, then visit our guide to the best car drying towels in 2024.

Best Microfiber Car Cloths In 2023

Meguiar's car microfibre cloths

Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel

RRP: $7.99. Buy Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel here!

Meguiar’s Supreme Shine car microfiber cloths are another detailing favorite. First of all, they’re a seriously good size, measuring a hefty 40x60cm, so they cover large areas easily. They’re also plush, delivering swirl-free and high-gloss results. The thick, dual-sided pile allows them to absorb three times more than traditional terry cloths. This means you can wipe off more product with one cloth, allowing you to cover more panels in one go. The safety edging, meanwhile, eliminates the risk of scratching. You get three in a pack, making them good value, too. These are excellent microfiber cloths that are well worth a look.

Kirkland car microfibre cloths

Kirkland Ultra Plush Microfiber Car Cloths

RRP: $18.99 / £19.99. Buy Kirkland Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths here!

Incredible value, high quality and versatile, these microfibers are hard to beat. Kirkland’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths are the go-to for most car enthusiasts, ourselves included. You can buy various quantities, but the best value pack gives you 36 cloths for under £25 if you shop around. That’s more cloths than anyone will ever need, and, at that price, you won’t care what happens to them. They’re big, at 40.6×40.6cm, and come with a fluffy side and a shorter pile side, making them perfect for a wide range of uses. For the money, these are outrageously good car microfiber cloths, and everyone should have some.

Auto Finesse microfibre cloths

Auto Finesse Work Cloth

RRP: $12.95 / £6.95. Buy Auto Finesse Work Cloth here!

Auto Finesse offers a selection of sexy car microfiber cloths, but the Work Cloth is its most versatile. This is one cloth that does it all and tackles any task you throw at it with ease. You can use the Work Cloth for everything from cleaning to finishing and everything in between. This short-pile towel can be used with polishes and other abrasives for cleaning and polishing different materials and areas. You can use it for buffing and removing sealants and waxes. And you can use it on paintwork, glass, engine bays and interiors. The Auto Finesse Work cloth is super-soft and features machine-stitched edging, so you can be sure it will last. And you get three cloths in a pack, so it’s good value too. An excellent all-round car microfiber cloth offering from Auto Finesse.

Autoglym car microfibre cloths

Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth

RRP: £11.50. Not available in the US. Buy Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth here!

Autoglym’s distinctive red car microfiber cloths are a welcome addition to any detailing kit. The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth features a specially selected microfiber weave, which means it performs really well. It’s perfect for buffing off polish and wax from bodywork and delivers a dazzling shine. Use it anywhere and everywhere across your whole car. Measuring 40x40cm, it’s a good size, too. It might be a little pricey compared with some other offerings, but this is a seriously nice cloth to use. Your detailing kit deserves a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth in there.

Dodo Juice Rag Queen

RRP: £4.00 (or £10.00 for a pack of 3). Not available in the US. Buy Dodo Juice Rag Queen here!

Inexpensive but plush and incredibly versatile, Dodo Juice’s Rag Queen is a fantastic car microfiber cloth. As its name implies, this cloth is something a bit special, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s been designed to tackle every task you can throw at it, making it the perfect go-to cloth for everything. Made from 380gsm microfiber and measuring 40x40cm, this edgeless wonder truly does it all. With a short-pile side and a longer-pile side, it’s perfect for buffing, polishing and cleaning. Use it inside and out, on any and all surfaces, from interiors to paintwork, wheels and trim. As an all-round, do-it-all car microfiber cloth, the Rag Queen is hard to beat. Every keen detailing enthusiast should have this cloth.

How to buy the best microfiber car cloth

Believe it or not, there are a number of different areas you need to consider while buying a towel:

  • How big do you need? This is tricky to answer, as needs tend to change between each user. On the whole, I like to use a few different sizes. For hard to reach areas, I tend to use a smaller cloth as it’s easier to hold. For areas like whole body panels, I’d opt for a larger cloth to ensure I can use the same cloth without needing to use a fresh one.
  • Types of microfiber/thickness –  You should aim for a cloth with a GSM of anything above 350. Always do your research into the cloth to ensure it’s safe to use on glass. You’ll also notice that cloths are made with a microfiber blend. Aim for anything 70/30 and up (another popular, safe blend is 75/25, while for glass, look for 80/20 mix). The larger number refers to the microfibers.
  • Towel edges – there’s some debate to be had as to whether you should be using edgeless microfiber car cloths when focusing on body panels. This is because while the cloth is made from microfiber, the edge that its sewn to often isn’t, and can damage paintwork. I’ve personally never had an issue with microfiber cloths or drying towels with edges, so I tend to just focus on the actual cloth performance.

How were the best microfiber car cloths chosen?

The above products were chosen based on my experience with a whole host of different cloth brands. I’ve been passionately detailing cars for a number of years now, and in that time I’ve sampled pretty much every product from most brands. The above car cloths are some that I’ve kept in my collection, based on their ability to softly absorb moisture without damaging glass/paintwork or leaving marks.

We are currently rigorously testing a number of microfiber car cloths, stay tuned for our results. 

Microfiber car cloths FAQs

Below, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to buying and using microfiber car cloths.

Can microfiber cloths scratch car paint?

Yes and no. Don’t be mistaken into thinking all microfiber car cloths are the same. Some are much thinner, and aren’t soft enough to use on your car. However, if you’re buying a high-quality cloth, you’ll have no issue with paintwork damage. A cloth needs to have a solid 350GSM rating or higher, with a 70/30 microfiber blend to be safe for your car.

Are microfiber cloths safe to use on glass?

Yes! But, use the same method as above when buying your cloths. To be extra safe when using cloths on glass, I would look to use a high GSM, and high microfiber blend (80/20 to be safe).

How often should I wash microfiber car cloths?

You should wash your microfiber car cloths after every use if you want to avoid paint damage. Anything you’ve wiped away from the car will sit on the towel. Therefore, the next time you use it, any dirt from the previous car detail is now being reapplied to the vehicle. Overtime, stains and the like will settle in, and it’ll be time to relegate the cloth to either wheel duties or in the bin entirely. Do not use old, dirty cloths on your car!

I dropped my microfiber cloth on the ground, can I still use it?

No! Same logic from above applies here. Dirt clings onto microfiber car cloths, and the worst offenders are the tiny stones you barely notice with your eye. But run your hand over the cloth and you’ll start to see and feel them. Those stones go straight onto your paintwork when you the cloth to buff. This is how swirl marks and small scratches appear. Chuck the cloth to one side and get yourself a fresh one. Using an extra cloth is far cheaper then fixing the paint damage. And less time consuming, too.