BADASS PERFORMANCE VXR KITWe love the stonking Astra VXR here at FC but just like Barbie, no matter how much you can’t wait to have a play with those fantastic curves, you tend to find a load of plastic underneath.

Well, fear not Vauxhall fans because Badass Performance have come to the rescue with just the right amount of under-bonnet blingery to make your life complete every time you pop the hood of your little turbocharged terror.

As always they’ve covered just about every angle, all their handmade, hand polished kit is top notch and it’s manufac- tured right here in the UK. Not only that but it’s all dead easy to fit and comes in at a price you won’t have to yank out your gold teeth for.

Remember kids, nothing turns on the ladies more than a super-shiney lump… it gives ’em something else to clean.

Parts priced from £15

For more info see Badass Performance