The coolest name for any wheel in the whole galaxy? It’s got to be way up there. Although, we just can’t help thinking that Autostar have missed a trick here by not finishing these evil bastards in super-shiny, bondage black!

So, if that’s what you’re after, you’ll have to use the force… or a couple of rattle cans.

Still, there’s no doubt that this polished faced, 8×17-incher is an absolute beauty right out of the box. We love the twisted spoke, death star-inspired centres, and there’s certainly no shortage of dish on those classy-looking polished lips.

Judging by the PCDs on offer too, these will be a top contender for everything from the Subaru Impreza and EK Civic to the Audi A1 or MINI Cooper… all of which they’d suit rather nicely.

But, while the Vader is undoubtedly a stunner, what’s even more jaw-dropping here is the price. There can’t be many sets of 17-inch hoops that can be had for a quid under 500-nicker, right? That’d be a bloody bargain for a set of 15s!

Best of all, this relatively economical pricing isn’t any refl ection on the quality. Unusually for the more cost-effective, cast rims out there, these are fully TUV approved as well as factory-tested to VIA standards.

All that adds up to just one thing. These have to be one of the biggest bargains of 2018. Get ’em while they’re hot people!

Price £499

For more info see Autostar Wheels