If there’s one thing that gets our bits fizzing rather effectively it has to be a touch of old-skool JDM magic.

You see, what with all the huge Euro-looking wheels on today’s market, smaller classically-styled hoops, like this new Autostar Kanji, simply don’t come along that often.

Still, there’s no doubt that when you see super-fresh rims like these hit the streets, it gives you the feeling it’s worth buying an EF Civic or the like, just so you can run the little bastards!

That’s not to say this wee beastie wouldn’t look the part on many a small Euro ride too. It definitely would have to be one of the smaller motors out there though.

After all, it’s only available in a 4×100 PCD and a 14-inch diameter. To put it bluntly, 14s are a rare sight nowadays to say the least.

The good news though, is that these aren’t quite the same spec as the 5×14-inch steelies you’ll find on your Granny’s Micra. With a rather girthy 8-inch width, not to mention a thoroughly bonkers ET-5 offset, only serious arch fettlers need apply here.

It’s by no means a big-name rim from one of the usual suspects, in fact, we’re not entirely sure where they come from at all.

All we know is that Nuts4Wheels are bringing them in, they’re just a 100 quid each, and we most certainly want ’em! That’s more than good enough for us.

Price £100

For more info see Nuts 4 Wheels