Genius is a word uttered far too often in our industry, but we can’t help but use it when it comes to this new selection of special edition shampoos from Auto Finesse.

To be fair, their award-wining Lather Shampoo has long been a UK industry standard, and the grime-shifting ability of its PH-Neutral formula hasn’t changed one bit, it’s just that these versions are available in three scrummy milkshake flavours.

Is it a gimmick? Yeah of course it is, but that’s not always a bad thing and we’re fully on board! In fact, we just can’t wait to get our hands on some of these for drinking, testing, we mean testing!

Just choose from chocolate, banana or strawberry. They smell ace and will also mint up your motor a treat. Awesome!

Price £12

For more info see Auto Finesse