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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 6th November 2018

We’ve always been fans of Auto Finesse’s trademark Lather shampoos. Their no-nonsense formula is tough on pigeon pellets and road grime, but won’t strip wax or sealant layers, and that’s what makes them a favourite of many a detailing buff, not to mention one of the items we actually use ourselves.

So, what’s new here then? Well, the formula hasn’t changed but they’ve infused them with some seriously potent fruit fragrances, just to make them even more of a pleasure to use.

We’re sure you’ll remember the limited-edition Milkshake versions that went down a storm last summer, think of these as something of an extension of that with Grape, Fruit Punch and Summer Fruits ‘flavours’.

Collect them all and marvel in their fruity goodness… or just use ‘em to wash your motor. That’s up to you.

Priced from £12

For more info see Auto Finesse