Kenwood KSC SW11 amp

This month’s top amp is the Kenwood KSC-SW11

Back in the day, particularly when it comes to audio systems, bigger was always better. Just a few years ago we saw amplifiers the size of cars and chromed-out subs that would rival the presence of a doubledecker bus! Luckily though, things have moved on somewhat and nowadays practicality, sound quality and usability are king. It looks like the development boffins at Kenwood have taken note too and next month sees the public release of their latest active woofer, the KSC-SW11. Here’s what you need to know…

The first thing you’ll think as you open the box is where’s the rest of it? It really is that small. It’s a huge testament to the engineering sorcery at Kenwood that they have managed to cram an 8.25×5.2-inch sub plus an amplifier into a chassis just 11-inches long and 7.5-inches wide. What with the fact it’s less than 3-inches high too, it makes this one perfect for stashing away under a seat, behind the dash or in a footwell. The art of stealth!

Kenwood KSC SW11 amp

Even though you’ll probably be hiding the unit away in the nearest available nook or fanny (cranny Midge, cranny – Jules), you’ll still be able to tweak your sound without the need to pull it all out or perform backbreaking feats of contortion. The wired remote is designed to be installed upfront and, along with a handy volume control, allows fine-tuning of the phase and lowpass filter. Most importantly though, when the power is on, this thing glows blue. Yes that’s right, blue. Lovely, lovely blue. Technology eh? We likey!

kenwood ksc-sw11 remotePOWER
It may not sound like it’ll destroy the local shop windows but don’t forget this little beauty is designed to go in the cabin, not necessarily in the boot. In other words every one of those 150Watts will be hitting you straight up the jacksie! With regards to sound quality and balance this makes the KSC-SW11 plenty powerful particularly if you’re running four other speakers off of your aftermarket headunit’s 50Watt channels.

Price £199

For more info see Kenwood Electronics