Genesis Mk5 Black Edition AmpFor those in the know Genesis have always been regarded as something of a divine, almost mythical, brand in the world of high-end audio. In fact, a few years ago you’d be hard pushed to find a ‘money-noobject’ show car not running a Genesis set up, but then they disappeared leaving something of a myth behind.

Well, the big news is Genesis are back and not in a way that’ll cause ripples or even a splash either. Nope, here we’re talking full on Tsunami from one of the most legendary UK manufacturers ever.

Put it this way, most of the biggest names in car audio, the gargantuan, multinational audio conglomerates start quaking in their espadrilles when Genesis Audio come knocking. And the brand-spanking Genesis Mk5 Black Edition is just one reason why.

Genesis Mk5 Black Edition Amp

Genesis are famed for their super-slick polished heat sinks but they’ve gone in a different, more exclusive, direction here with the sweet, black powder-coated exterior. Just the words ‘Black Edition’ conjure up all sorts of images of high-end, mega-performance, AMG-style antics and that’s the whole point; these are awesome and everyone knows it. They’re only producing 250-units too so, quite obviously, exclusivity won’t be a problem!

You don’t go dropping a grand on an amplifier without making sure it has all the bells and whistles right? This is a price point for connoisseurs that know exactly what they’re looking at. Luckily you have no worries with Genesis, they not only offer mind-blowingly rich, clean and warm sounds, but they’re infinitely tweakable too. The Mk5 Black comes with high and low-pass fitlers for all your signal fettling needs. A DC sub control to eliminate noise pickup and a signal noise ratio of 110dB for super-low distortion and ultimate clarity. In other words, to even the most discerning audiophile, it’s quite simply the bollocks!

Genesis Mk5 Black Edition Amp
Getting the balance right in a five-channel amp is something of a dark art in the audio world, but as expected, Genesis have not only cracked it by pushing the boundaries – quite honestly they’ve taken those boundaries and kicked their proverbial heads in. They’ve not only managed to combine a powerful 4 channel (4x140Watt RMS) and a 600Watt RMS monoblock, but this particular monoblock is 1-ohm stable too! That means it’s an all-in-one competition spec, uber-high SQ amp that can power your whole system.

At this level of audio perfection too bloody right there’s gonna be some extra special, superbly engineered, features. On the power side it uses dual G-class power supplies that not only deliver outstanding imaging and stage performance but only draw 80 amps meaning there’s no need for extra batteries. An all-new cooling system has also been utilised meaning you can spank it all day without so much as a hiccup.

Priced from £995

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