We love delivering you fresh silly-good interactive touch screen goods here at FC, and there’s nothing fresher for 2012 than this utterly boss Alpine ICS-X8 double-DIN headunit from Alpine, featuring menus and the all-conquering MirrorLink technology from the telly. Priced at £699, it’s just so damn fresh, we tells ya!

With the ICS-X8, you’ll have a whole world of media riding up front with you on your daily hoot – not just your music. That means this impressive, uber-accessible bit of kit gives you the very best in DVD/CD technology, Nokia/iPod/iPhone connection, video playback and music through the two USB ports, plus the option to connect a camera, GPS antenna and navigation system for a holy grail of media on the move. Smart stuff!

The ICS-X8 gives plenty of scope to customise the unit to your very own tastes, and not just with looks. On top of the fully customiseable home screen and backgrounds of the unit, you can ultra-finetune the sound of your car music with awesomely cool settings including 6-channel digital time correction, 9-band parametric EQ, 10 EQ settings, digital crossover, subwoofer level control and phase selection. In English, that means this unit will get the very best from the acoustics of your car, no matter what.


The unit gives you 7-inches of touch, drag and flick control direct from the LED-lit screen, so it works just like your smartphone, and of course comes topped up with the latest in Bluetooth know-how. Simple Secure Pairing, signal strength and phonebook synchronisation are all part and parcel of the Bluetooth package, and Favourite App Display lets you see more of what you like, and less of what you don’t. Likey likey!

The unit comes with the now standard 3 RCA pre-outs and built in 4x50W amplifier, and there’s also scope to add a wireless remote, rear view parking camera and the steering wheel control wire to build a seriously impressive infotainment centre right inside your own whip. Your new world starts right here people!

The ICS-X8 has the all conquering MirrorLink technology, which is revolutionary new stuff for car audio. MirrorLink allows you to link your phone to your car so you can enjoy all your smartphone features without breaking the law. All you have to do is connect your phone to the in-car cable included, and your phone screen is ‘mirrored’ onto the ICS-X8 so you can enjoy your phone’s apps such as music and navigation on the go. MirrorLink is currently linked exclusively to Nokia, but once new phones are launched with the MirrorLink software, the floor will be yours, my good friends!

The utterly awesome ICS-X8 is a must have for audiophiles right now, but it’s also tomorrow-proof too, with support for new phones and apps only a click away on the Alpine website.

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