We’ve seen some pretty flashy breathalysers in our time. But with features like The Blow Coach and Time Until Sober, this one really does take the whole bloody biscuit tin.

The award-winning AlcoSense Pro is the most advanced home-use job on the market, the culmination of three years of development.

It utilises a proper Fuel Cell just like the ones used by Mr Plod and chums, resulting in unrivalled accuracy, wrapped up in a slick package with other sweet features, such as an easy-to-understand display and a whole database of selectable world drink-drive limits.

Perfect for us who like a tipple at home, and even better for those who love to drive abroad. Should you be behind the wheel on the morning after? This will provide the answer to the age-old question. And for us, that makes it a modern-day essential.

Price £150

For more info see AlcoSense