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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th March 2018

Check out this all-in-one, meth-injection kit from American electronics giant AEM available from the guys at BTN Performance.

The idea of misting a water and methanol mix into your engine to reduce inlet temperatures and suppress the chance of an arse-clenching meltdown. It is proven technology that has been used in race cars for years.

What’s new with these kits, though, is that they now feature ridiculously clever controllers that come with a host of advanced features covering a multitude of applications and boost settings.

Being infinitely controllable basically means you can safely increase boost and advance ignition timing on your engine (without the need for high-octane race fuels) for up to a whopping 20 percent power increase.

Huge, but most importantly safe, gains of this calibre are a rare and beautiful thing.

Top marks to BTN Performance for bringing these over to the UK!

Priced from £415

For more info see BTN Performance