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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 16th March 2018

We check out Jorge’s Peach popping slammed Honda Civic EG…

Prowling through the streets like some malevolent fruit-hued Adonis, this angry little Civic displays that screw-you attitude worn proudly by all true cut-throat bon viveurs. It plays by its own rules, and it doesn’t care who it upsets. So what if you don’t like the camber, or you scoff at the auto ’box, or you prefer a little more go to back up your show?

Ask its owner Jorge Lupton how much he cares about that sort of negativity. Hell, he’s painted the damn thing in a shade of juicy peach just to ram it all right down your throat. It’s a Jordan Belfort of a car; hard-living, uncompromising, existing in the now. It makes no apology, because it doesn’t need to.

For Jorge, this is very much a visual demonstration of how he lives his life, day in, day out. He’s been monkeying about with cars since before he could even drive, and his back catalogue boasts a lengthy roll-call of sweet modded rides. “Ever since I could drive and before, I wanted a Lupo low and wide – so I made that happen, I’ve had two crazy-low static Lupos,” he says.

modified honda civic EG

“Then I moved onto a Mk2 Golf and a ’68 Beetle, but I always had the heart for a Honda of some kind. One day a friend of mine let me know that he was selling a B16-swapped Civic coupé, which I just had to buy as a daily while I finished my Beetle project – and it was on the drive home from picking it up that I realised I love the roar of a Honda engine! So it wasn’t long before the Civic coupé became the main car for me: new wheels, new seats, new suspension, taking it to every show I could… mainly VW ones, to annoy the VAG lovers!”

This new-found enthusiasm for Hondas was working out pretty well for Jorge’s creative juices, and by the winter of 2015 he’d bought another daily runabout and elevated the coupé to full-fat main project status, taking it off the road to do the build justice. After five months of work, Jorge proudly climbed aboard, rasped his way toward Mod Nats and… totally destroyed the car about five miles after leaving home.

modified honda civic EG

Remember that scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where we see Belfort’s Countach after his destructive drive home? That was effectively the scene Jorge was confronted with as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes the following morning, assessing the damage to see what could be saved.

With typical pluck, he fixed up all the damage and then went a step further, installing air-ride. But the car never felt the same after the crash, so he stripped it all down again, squirrelled the Air Lift equipment away, and ditched the rest. Time for a new start…

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