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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 13th April 2018

Taking one of the widest cars money can buy and making it wider is a pretty punchy move. And there’s more to this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador than just girth…

The cult of the supercar is something that’s enchanted and beguiled petrolheads for generations. And there’s no manufacturer more deeply intertwined with the genre than Lamborghini; indeed, the term ‘supercar’ was actually invented for a Lamborghini. When the Miura arrived in 1966, people were astonished – in a world where cars were sensible and boxy and pedestrian, seeing a Miura was akin to witnessing a spaceship landing in the high street.

No-one had ever seen a car that looked so outrageous before, and the performance was similarly otherworldly. OK, the Miura had a tendency to catch fire when the carbs spit fuel onto the hot manifolds, and the nose would lift at any speed over 100mph which meant you’d lose all steering ability, but that’s sort of the point of supercars: they’re not VW Golfs. They’re not sensible. They’re insane, wilfully silly, ludicrously fast, and slightly dangerous.

liberty walk lamborghini aventador

Lamborghini’s modern interpretation of Miura values is the Aventador – a car which took the vicious wedge-shape of the Murciélago, fused it with the fighter-jet aesthetic of the Reventón, and created something terrifying that spits blue flames on the over-run and is equally at home prowling around Knightsbridge or Monaco as it is v-maxing at Laguna Seca or dancing along the Stelvio Pass.

Supercars, above all, are a status symbol – and it goes without saying that the keenest way to present your credentials is to roll down the street in something that’s better than everyone else’s. Sure, an Aventador is outrageous, but anyone who has enough money is able to buy one. You just go into the showroom and slap your fat wad down on the counter. So how do you, as a moneyed international playperson, separate yourself from the crowd?

Liberty Walk, there’s your answer. The masters of cartoonish girth have firmly planted their flag in the supercar scene, and the advent of Liberty Walk Europe means that us Brits are now able to commission genuine LB Works builds and not have to go through the hassle of having it shipped over in a container.

liberty walk lamborghini aventador

The Performance Company, based in Wellingborough, are the official agents for the unhinged Japanese outfit, and they can take on any commission. The LB Works Aventador you see before you here is a strong visualisation of their skills and vision. So how did it come about?

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