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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 11th September 2018

“We won’t have to do it again until issue 400, due in the year 2018. By then, all of the team will probably be dead.” Yes, my predecessor in the editor’s chair, the mythical Scary Steve, had a way with words, and these were the ones he wrote in the Ed Page of the 300th issue way back in March 2011.

Luckily for us lot, he was wrong, although we’ve all had some close shaves with the grim reaper – especially Initial G, but then he is nearly 60 (sigh – Initial G). The crazy thing is, we’re all still here seven years on (apart from Scary who moved to Dubai to write about luxury dinghies): G is still playing with colours and shapes, Glenda is still posting memes on Facebook and Midge is still writing about products, building crazy cars and drinking too much Red Bull.

The thing is, that’s not the half of it. We’ve all been here for way more than 100-issues. In fact, I didn’t just work on the 300th issue but was here for the 200th issue too! And while other car mags have been and gone, FC is still going strong 31-years later. I put this down to the passion of the people who put it together and those of you who buy it religiously.

Our readers are amongst the most knowledgeable and passionate in the car scene and there’s no better feeling knowing that you appreciate what we do. We’re extremely proud to work on the best car magazine on the planet and you, our readers, are our inspiration. Fast Car is more than just a job; it’s safe to say it has become our life’s work!

We don’t celebrate our next landmark issue until 2026, so make sure you grab a copy of issue 400. Take care and nurture it, put it in a safe place – these milestone issues become collector’s items, you know!

It’s hard to even contemplate what we’ll all be doing in seven and half years time, but one constant will remain – our love of modifying; it’s in the blood. So raise a glass of your chosen tipple and salute the 400th issue and the modified car community. It’s truly an awesome place.

Anyway, I am rambling. What I am trying to say is Fast Car magazine issue 400 is on sale from the 14th September, so go buy it and enjoy!

Thanks and big love