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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 27th January 2020

What needs 400 plus people, 193 Audis, involves going around in circles and takes four hours to complete? The world’s largest ever four-ring Audi display, that’s what!

And it was organised and carried out by the nutters at Audi Club International Slovakia a few weeks back. Now, we expect like us you’re asking yourself why?

We managed to speak to one of the organisers, Dezider Dräxler and he told us: “We wanted to do something different and really big to promote the club and our love of Audi. We came up with a few ideas, but thought what could be better than a display of the iconic four-rings done with Audis, but done bigger than ever.”

He added: “It took us 3 months to organise it and get everything prepared. The hardest part was finding the right location to do it, but we found a great place in Liptov, North Slovakia. Once that was sorted, we quickly registered over 200 cars within the club and chose a date. It was hard work on the day as the weather was terrible, but the team showed great enthusiasm and it was a great experience.” Want to see the video? Hit play below then!

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