What needs 400 plus people, 193 Audis, involves going around in circles and takes four hours to complete? The world’s largest ever four-ring Audi display, that’s what!

And it was organised and carried out by the nutters at Audi Club International Slovakia a few weeks back. Now, we expect like us you’re asking yourself why?

We managed to speak to one of the organisers, Dezider Dräxler and he told us: “We wanted to do something different and really big to promote the club and our love of Audi. We came up with a few ideas, but thought what could be better than a display of the iconic four-rings done with Audis, but done bigger than ever.”

He added: “It took us 3 months to organise it and get everything prepared. The hardest part was finding the right location to do it, but we found a great place in Liptov, North Slovakia. Once that was sorted, we quickly registered over 200 cars within the club and chose a date. It was hard work on the day as the weather was terrible, but the team showed great enthusiasm and it was a great experience.” Want to see the video? Hit play below then!