The original Honda Type R - about as JDM as it gets.

The phrase JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) has been misrepresented over the years, but we are here to clear things up…

In the ‘90s Japanese car manufacturers battled fiercely in an effort to produce the hottest rides for the new generation of home market petrol heads.  This evolved a much higher specification of car for the JDM, such as the original EK Civic Type R, making JDM cars more desirable than their export counterparts.

Tuners and enthusiasts quickly realised this, and began importing specific parts in order to make their own cars more like the higher spec Jap equivalents. This would be the beginning of the JDM revolution. The cars would see performance improvements with the JDM-spec components; wild bodykits were removed and replaced with subtle factory panels in order to get the maximum out of their vehicle.

However, as the JDM style became more common on the streets of North America, businesses jumped on the bandwagon and anything that would appear contradictory to the ‘Fast And The Furious’ styling trend was dubbed JDM.

The phenomenon has spiraled out of control in recent years, and it seems that every product made in the Far East is labelled as JDM whether it’s for a Supra or a Saxo! So remember, keep it real, and keep it Jap market only. Simple.