Toyota has unveiled the FJ Bruiser, a one-off custom build for SEMA that’s powered by a 725hp NASCAR V8 and can go almost anywhere… 

To celebrate the return of the Land Cruiser to the US market, Toyota has revealed this spectacular creation at SEMA 2023. What started life as a 1966 Toyota FJ45 has now become a modern day marvel. Where to start is tough to call, but we bet you’re most interested in that engine…

NASCAR V8 engine in Toyota FJ Bruiser

Toyota FJ Bruiser Engine and Performance

Powering the Toyota FJ Bruiser is a 358 cubic inch (5.7-liter) NASCAR V8 engine from the current top-tier Cup Series race car.  That means power sits at a staggering 725hp, and while no torque figure has been quoted, we can bet it’s on the large side.

Naturally, power is sent to all four wheels via a three-speed gearbox and clever differentials. In this instance, it uses Currie differentials at the front and rear as well as an Advanced Adapter Atlas transfer case. Not sure what that means? Simply put, it allows for four speeds each for both two and four-wheel drive. Toyota says that the FJ Bruiser is capable of crawling at 12mph while revving to 7,000rpm in its lowest gear, while also being capable of hitting 165mph at 7,000rpm in top gear. Impressive stuff.

Suspension on Toyota FJ Bruiser

Go anywhere attitude

Utilizing the already rugged FJ body, the Toyota team fabricated a full tube chassis and roll cage and then mated the body to it. There’s new full trailing arm suspension combined with Fox shocks and Eibach springs. And now comes the other most striking aspect of the Toyota FJ Bruiser, those 420-inch Goodrich Krawler tires, which are mounted to 20-inch Method Beadlock wheels. Toyota says that at full bump travel, the tires sit roughly halfway up the windshield line… bonkers!

Interior shot of Toyota SEMA build

Inside, it’s full race spec with MOMO Daytona EVO seats and, believe it or not, a vintage 1968 Jackie Stewart championship steering wheel.

Will the Toyota FJ Bruiser ever go on sale?

Sadly, this is a one-off build specifically for SEMA 2023. It showcases the epic world of Resto-Mods, rejuvinated classic cars with modern technology. Only this time Toyota has taken it to the next level.

“Every year we are fortunate enough to get to build a SEMA special project vehicle. With the return of the Land Cruiser to the US Market, it only made sense to build a rock crawler, so this is our take on a 1966 Toyota FJ45 Pickup Truck,” said Marty Schwerter, Toyota Motorsports garage team manager.

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front of FJ Bruiser rear of FJ Bruiser