This twin engine Nissan 350Z is fully functional, but probably as lethal at full power as it looks! Here’s an overview of this mad project car.

Yesterday, we brought you the 2JZ-powered Jaguar E-Type that ENEOS is displaying at SEMA this year. During that article, we teased that the motor oil company had other builds parked around the show that were worth your time too, and this is one of them.

Now, I know the 350Z isn’t exactly a rare car, but before any Z fans start worrying about this one having been royally cut up, there’s something you should know. When it fell into the lap of MLZ Garage, this 350Z was already a wreck. So, instead of succumbing to the scrap yard, it’s been given a second lease of life as an utterly outrageous Frankenstein’s monster of a car.

350Z's front engine

The thing that makes this build special is its powertrain. Goodbye VQ six-cylinder, hello K24 Honda four-pot (times two). Yep, this Z is rocking a pair of K-Series engines, one at the front, one at the rear. Consequently, there are two transmissions, yet, ingeniously, both are controlled by a single shifter. The mechanics of that is enough to make my brain turn to mush. The K24s are built and turbocharged too, with each producing around 500 horsepower. This thing is absolutely nuts.

350z' s rear engine

It’s not just the engine(s) that are special though. This 350Z has got a full tubular chassis now, and the widebody kit is a one-off that took months to sculpt and perfect. Then, within those arches, you’ll find a set of deep-dish 305 Kumho V730 tires wrapped some Weds LXZ rims. If you’re wondering about the stance, this thing is sitting on Air Lift bags, meaning that once raised up off the floor it’s shockingly drivable.

twin engine 350z interior twin engine Nissan 350z

RPM Off Road Garage’s Land Cruiser

Now, here at Fast Car, we like to treat you lot. So how about a good old 2-for-1? This Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up is also at SEMA with ENEOS backing, and is somewhat of a Frankenstein car itself.

RPM Land Cruiser

The chassis is that of a ’97 FZJ80 Land Cruiser, but the folks at RPM have lengthened it and replaced the original scrap body with one from a 2009 HZJ79 Land Cruiser. Given the way it looks, it should come as no surprise that this truck loves a bit of overlanding.

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rear of RPM Land Cruiser