We love an out-there build, and this is certainly one of them. Here’s a close look at the 2JZ Jaguar E-Type that ENEOS have got on display at SEMA this year. 

What do you get when you let a professional drifter loose with an E-Type Jag shell? The answer is, as you can imagine, pretty mental. Faruk Kugay and DevSpeed Motorsports have modified this Big Cat beyond mechanical recognition, sampling from the best that the global spare parts bin has to offer.

2JZ in E-Type

Under the hood

Lift up the massive hood and instead of an XK Jag engine, you’ll find a real Japanese favorite – Toyota’s 2JZ six-cylinder block. That alone would be newsworthy, but this being SEMA, there’s more to it than that. A Borg Warner EFR 8474 turbo and Vibrant Performance intercooler have been added to give the motor even more punch, while the rods and pistons have been strengthened so it doesn’t blow itself to smithereens. All in all, you’re looking at more than 700hp…

rear of 2JZ E-Type

Bavarian DNA

There’s a lot more to this car than just its engine though. If you aren’t a Jag afficionado, you might not have spotted that the proportions of this E-Type are a bit off. And that’s because of the skeleton that lies within those familiar curves.

We’ve already established that DevSpeed aren’t afraid of mixing automotive cultures together, and they’ve taken that even further at the back of the car. See, most of it is from BMW donor cars. The subframe, differential and suspension comes from an E60 5-Series, while the gearbox is the same five-speed manual you’d find in an E36 M3. And don’t worry, the irony of this Supra-engined Jag being made up largely of BMW parts is not lost on us.

ENEOS has a couple of other cool builds floating around the convention center, including a twin-engine 350Z which you can read about here.

interior of 2JZ Jag front of Jag rear of ENEOS 2JZ Jag

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