Zagato has turned its attention to the Alpine A110 to create the AGTZ Twin Tail, and it has one very cool party piece…

Italian coachbuilder Zagato is probably one of the most revered independent car stylists on the planet. Often, their creations polarize opinion, but they’re always guaranteed to be visually striking. A little while back, they gave us the one-off Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB, but now, Zagato has gone in the other direction (albeit, with a twist).

Teaming up with luxury Polish car dealer, La Squadra, Zagato has turned its attention to the much-loved Alpine A110, seeking inspiration from the A220 racecar of the late ’60s. Made entirely of carbon fiber, the AGTZ Twin Tail’s body extends beyond the normal length of an A110 to 4,802mm, in a bid for greater aerodynamic performance. In fact, from a rear-quarter angle, it looks rather similar to the McLaren Speedtail. And, if you’re chasing better aero efficiency, that’s gotta be a good sign, right?

front quarter of AGTZ Twin Tail

Zagato has been busy at the front of the car too. Gone are the distinctive but far-from-pretty quad-headlights of the regular A110, and in their place sit two larger clusters. In keeping with the theme, the front sticks out a bit more than usual, too.

Two designs in one package

Now, here’s the clever bit. See, the original Alpine A220 racecar used a longtail design at Le Mans, but in smaller-scale racing events, the A220 shed its tail in favor of a more conventional, slightly stubby coupe silhouette. In honor of this, Zagato has also made the AGTZ Twin Tail’s rear-end detachable. So, customers will be able to chop and the change the styling of the rear of the car at their whim.

Essentially, you’re getting two different coachbuilt bodies in one deal. And, at additional cost, Zagato will even provide a custom-made stand upon which to place the detachable rear end when you favor the shorter 4,305mm version.

rear quarter of longtail

The AGTZ Twin Tail with its longer profile rear end.

The AGTZ Twin Tail with its shorter-profile rear end

The AGTZ Twin Tail with its shorter-profile rear end

There’s been no mention of any changes to the Alpine’s core mechanics, but in fairness, Zagato is a coachbuilder, not a tuning company. And, if there’s any car that doesn’t need dynamic enhancements, the wonderfully enthusiastic A110 might be it.

Head-on shot of the AGTZ Twin Tail

Whereas only one SWB Giulia will ever exist, Zagato intends to build up to 19 examples of the AGTZ Twin Tail. So, if you’ve got a minimum of 650,000 euros (before taxes) burning a hole in your pocket, you could actually get the chance to own one.