We’re proud to announce a brand new feature for Trax 2024 by way of a supercar zone that celebrates modifying the highest caliber of cars.

People have been modifying supercars for a long time, but it seems of late, more and more owners are deciding to treat their supercars to some tasteful modifications. Some opt for just a simple exhaust upgrade to unlock more sound, others add styling upgrades, while some go absolutely ballistic and tear up the rule book. We’re all about celebrating the weird and the wonderful, so that’s why we’re putting together a carefully selected display of modified supercars to showcase what’s possible.

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What cars are on display in the supercar zone at Trax?

Twin Turbo Huracans

europe's quickest Lamborghini

On display, you can expect to see Europe’s quickest Lamborghini. This Huracan started life as a “regular” LP-610, meaning 610hp and sending all of the power to all four wheels. Buzz, the owner of this Lamborghini, took things to a whole new level. What started as an initial bolt on turbo kit that saw 1000hp has developed into a built race engine, gearbox, bigger turbos and all the supporting modifications you can think of. The result? 2100whp. It recently cemented itself as the quickest Lamborghini in Europe, completing the 1/4 mile in just 7.7 seconds at 193mph. We filmed Buzz’s twin-turbo Huracan recently, keep an eye out for the video.

twin turbo Huracan

Alongside Buzz’s Lamborghini is his co-companion’s twin-turbo Huracan. That’s right, what’s better than owning a twin turbo Huracan? Having your best mate own one too. This one is owned by Rocky, and from factory is a Performante. This Huracan is a little different, though, and while again it features twin turbos, it’s running on a stock engine, with power around the 1200bhp mark. What’s so unique about it? Take a look at those turbos. Those are dipped in 24crt gold to give it that shine. Continuing the gold theme are custom gold 6AD Forged Wheels and a purple wrap.

Liberty Walk Ferrari supercar zone trax

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

Recognise this car? That’s because we featured Chris’s beautiful Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 a while back now. Built over Covid, it’s everything that Ferrari hates, which is why we love it. Chris stuck his two fingers up to the Italian marque and introduced some Japanese styling into the mix. The result is a car that stands out from the crowd, with a driver who loves to pitch it sideways at the earliest opportunity.

McLaren 650s

1000bhp McLaren 650s

In true fashion, someone who decides to cut up a Ferrari 458 probably has a few other cars in the garage. You aren’t wrong. Chris is also bringing along his 1000hp McLaren 650s complete with a spoiler that would be right at home at Duxford Air Museum. It’s wild, loud and fast, we love it!

McLaren 720s

Modified McLaren 720s

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say you’ve probably seen this car before. Or, you certainly have heard of the chap who owns it. This modified McLaren 720s is adorned with carbon fibre just about everywhere. From the front bumper, to he rear diffuser and even the active-aero spoiler, it’s dripping in the lightweight stuff. The owner is none other than Jay Cannon, the man behind The Cannon Run. Jay has also teased of bringing along a few other toys for you to ogle over.

We’ll be updating you with more cars once we have them confirmed for attendance. To book your tickets to the show, be sure to visit the Trax tickets page. You’ll also find more information about the show, as well as FAQs, track time sign on and even drift taxis. 

Trax show