Skoda 130LR Estelle Rally

1. Skoda won their class in the RAC Rally for 17 years in a row using the 130LR Estelle, which was powered by a 130bhp, 1289cc engine.

Lauren and Klement Skoda

2. The Skoda company began with two blokes, Laurin and Klement. Laurin wanted to begin a bike business because a German company was rude to him and wouldn’t fix his bike. They started making those, then motorbikes, then cars.

Skoda Rapid

3.In the early ’80s you could specify the Sport package from a dealer for your Estelle or Rapid. It included a big carb and inlet manifold, tweaked head, uprated cam and tubular exhaust manifold – from a main dealer!

Skoda 110R

4. Back in the ’70s, Skoda had plenty of success racing the groovy looking 110R and 130R models. The cars are still campaigned by racers today, especially in Eastern Europe.

skoda favorit advert

5. Bertone, the same styling house that designed the Lamborghini Miura and Countach also designed the Skoda Favorit – presumably in their lunch hour.

Skoda Super Sport Type 724 1971

6. This awesome looking car is the Skoda Super Sport Type 724 from 1971. It was originally white, but was sprayed black for the filming of the 1981 film Ferat Vampire.

Skoda Felicia VR6

7. To raise their profile with the ‘yoof’ market, Skoda commissioned Awesome GTi to make a VR6-powered Felicia and it was an absolute monster.

Skoda Cake Car

8. The most expensive Skoda ever built was arguably a cake. The recent Fabia advert cost around £500,000 to put together!

skoda logo

9. In 2004, of the 3.7 million cars registered in the Czech Republic, 1.8 million were Skodas. So that’s nearly half!

Skoda Rapid10. Skoda have resurrected numerous model names, including Octavia, Felicia, Rapid (above) and Superb.