You don’t just have to watch the Performance Vauxhall Show from the sidelines; far from it – you can join in and be part of the action at Santa Pod on the 5th June and take part in some serious strip action.

The mission is simple: accelerate from a standing start and cover the quarter-mile in the shortest time possible in our Vauxhall Run What Ya Brung! You will be awarded a full print out from each run showing your performance figures, including reaction time, a host of incremental times, the terminal speed, and the all-important elapsed time.

For £20 you’ll get four runs on the legendary drag strip. You can use these runs at any time when the strip is open, and if once you’ve used all four runs you fancy another go, you can simply go and grab some more for another £20!

To book, head to the RWYB sign-on office from 9:00am onwards, along with a valid UK driving license, and sign up for your piece of strip action!

For more info see the Performance Vauxhall Show

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