This month, the Angry Man has been getting mostly pissed off about… the end of the combustion engine…


No, let’s not panic. Because, quite frankly, nothing has really bloody changed.

I’ve read lots of opinions, from some of the biggest players in the car scene, on the government’s new legislation to ban selling petrol and diesel cars in 2040. The problem is, the majority of them have completely misread what it means.

The key word in the ruling is NEW. The government plan to ban the selling of all NEW diesel and petrol cars. They’re not banning you from using them or even buying a second-hand combustion car. So let’s all calm the fuck down.

The car market is organically heading in this direction anyway and in 23 years’ time the vast majority of NEW vehicles sales will be electric. All we’ve got to really worry about is excessive taxing of petrol and diesel cars. Other than that, we’re all good, for many, many years to come.

Instead we should worry about driverless technology. Great for getting home from the pub. Shit for us car nuts.

Now go out and buy yourself a nice combustion-powered car. The scaremongering from the British press has caused a nice little price crash. Every cloud and all that…

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