OZ wheel Ferrari F1
OZ has just announced Scuderia Ferrari will be using their wheels for the 2012 Formula 1 season.

The alloy wheel specialist has been chosen thanks to its ability to manufacture and create high performance wheels.

OZ wheel Ferrari F1
Stefano Domenicali, Team Principal of the Scuderia Ferrari said: “We are delighted to welcome OZ as one of the official suppliers to the Scuderia Ferrari. The Padua based brand is well known for its quality and reliability as well as its ability to satisfy the needs of its customer’s that, in an environment as competitive as Formula 1, are constantly striving for improved performance.”

He added: “The collaboration in Formula 1 will reinforce a relationship which has already bound the prancing horse to OZ in the domain of road cars.”

OZ wheel Ferrari F1

Whilst Claudio Bernoni, CEO of OZ said: “We are proud that Scuderia Ferrari has chosen us, it’s an important acknowledgement of the work we do. Our wheels have been used in Formula 1 since 1985 and over the years have won races and championships in all categories.”

He finished by saying: “OZ is a leading Italian company and for this reason we are particularly happy to be part of the most well known and celebrated Italian team”.

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