Toyota has revealed an updated version of its GR Yaris, giving it a new drive mode, more power, tweaked power bias and the option of an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

For a manufacturer that hadn’t managed to crack the hot hatch code with its previous attempts, Toyota sure got it right with the GR Yaris. It was hotly anticipated after Toyota revealed it needed to build a whopping 25,000 examples to meet rally homologation rules. Since it’s release, it’s sold over 32,000 units, received rave reviews and we know all too well how susceptible to tuning it is, too.

Now, Toyota has revealed the new GR Yaris, with the biggest update being the introduction of an 8-speed automatic gearbox with steering wheel shifters. Don’t worry, you can still buy a manual.

aerial shot of gr yaris rear 3/4 shot of new toyota gr yaris

New Toyota GR Yaris details

Let’s talk about the performance. While its still powered by the same 1.6-liter engine, Toyota has gone about replacing the pistons with lighter options and improved cooling, all of which adds almost 20bhp and 22lb ft of torque to the topline figure. As a result, it now produces 276bhp and 288lb ft of torque. Crucially, that peak torque figure now arrives slightly earlier at 3,250rpm.

OK, let’s address the elephant in the room. The automatic gearbox. Did the new Toyota GR Yaris need an automatic option? Probably not, given how well its sold. But there is an option anyway, for those that would like it. Toyota says the automatic option only weighs 20kg more than the manual. As a result, the automatic variant is faster, improving the 0-62mph sprint by around 0.3 seconds. This is entirely down to a a new launch control system and the fact the gearbox can shifter quicker than you can with three pedals.

toyota gr yaris engine bigger intercooler for GR Yaris

Elsewhere, there’s a new GR-Four mode in town. Normal and Track remain, while a Gravel mode has replaced Sport. Selecting this alters the torque bias split to 53/47 front to rear. Normal mode is set at 60/40 front to rear bias. While changes have been made to the Track setting that allows for between 40 and 70 per cent for rear bias. This figure was previously locked to 50/50.

The whole car now also has improved rigidity as a result of 24 per cent more structural adhesive and 13 per cent more spot welds. Will you notice the difference? Probably not.

New display in toyota gr yaris
new dashboard for yaris

What else is new in the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris?

Substantial changes have been made to the interior of the new Toyota GR Yaris. Gone are the conventional dials on the instrument cluster, and in comes a new 12.3-inch digital dash. The floor has been adjusted to allow for the front seats to be sat some 25mm lower. To accommodate sitting lower, a new dashboard has been added that sits 50mm lower to improve driver visibility.

There are some exterior changes to note, most noticeable is the repositioning of the central brake light from the top spoiler to the middle. Believe it or not, this is so it’s easier for tuners to make aero changes. The rear bumper is also now in three pieces, making it easier to repair. You also get a lower steel mesh in place of the previous plastic item on the front grille.

No word on pricing yet, but expect Toyota to reveal those around March with deliveries expected to begin in June.

side profile shot of toyota gr yaris
rear shot of new toyota gr yaris