Well, we didn’t see this one coming. But maybe we should have! This new T-Pain song is all about Mazda’s flagship rotary sportscar.

American rapper and certified car enthusiast, T-Pain, has put out a new hip-hop release called ‘Baby Got Brap’. Hert of Hoonigan fame is a featured artist on the track, and the reason why becomes perfectly apparent once you start listening to it. Yep, this record is essentially an ode to the Mazda RX-7, and as crazy as that premise sounds, we’ve got a lot of time for it. After all, anything which celebrates modified car culture is a winner in our books!

When listening to this record as a car enthusiast, it’s like hunting for Easter eggs. You’re constantly hearing things in the lyrics or audio that bring a smile to your face, and the video is as fun as you’d expect. I mean, we’re talking about a track where the beat is a sample of a rotary engine idling. How can you not appreciate that?!

Anyway, we figured it’d be fun to pick out some of the most eye-catching cars in the video (like how we did with Calvin Harris’ recent track, ‘Desire’) and compile them in one place. So, feel free to watch the music video for the new T-Pain song in its full glory below, but then scroll further down to check out any of the moments you might have missed.

T-Pain – Baby Got Brap music video

The Cars

It’s only fair that we begin the list with T-Pain’s very own 1990 Mazda RX-7 FC convertible, which impressively was built in just four days to make it in time for the video shoot! He can drive a bit too, as this mid-drift shot testifies:

T-Pain FC RX-7 convertible

T-Pain drifts his RX-7 FC convertible.

You couldn’t feature Hert on a track like this without also featuring his most iconic car, the ‘Twerkstallion’. This fully-fledged drift build is also an FC-gen car, albeit a coupe with a BN Sports wide-arch kit rather than a convertible. But somewhat awkwardly, the reality is that underneath the hood you’ll find a Chevy LS swap, and no rotary braps…

Twerkstallion RX-7 drifting at night

Twerkstallion RX-7 drifting at night.

Those are the two main headliners then, but there’s plenty else going on in this video. Here are a few of the more eye-catching rides that we could pick out from the crowd:

Pennzoil-liveried RX-7 FD

Pennzoil-liveried RX-7 FD, wearing a TCP Magic bodykit (I think).

Veilside RX-7 wrapped in fairy lights.

A Veilside-kitted FD RX-7, adorned in LEDs, because sure why not.

white FD RX-7

This white FD RX-7 has got some pretty retro styling cues.

red FC with three-spokes

A clean FC running on three-spokes… this guy’s got taste.

T-Pain walking through a garage.

An AE86 Levin stacked on top of an AE86 Trueno in the back of shot.

custom rear lights on FD RX-7

Ahhh, pretty lights…