BMW has revealed the new M4 Competition, and for the first time ever, ditches RWD but does get 530hp and an upgraded interior. 

I know what you might be thinking. BMW has launched an M sports car with no RWD option. Seems bonkers. But bear with me here. BMW’s xDrive system is no ordinary system. At the flick of a button, you can drive the vehicle in RWD-only, and when the surface gets loose, you can switch back to AWD. So, it’s not bad news at all. Plus, this only affects the UK market, so if you live in Europe or North America, you’ll still get the option of RWD.

rear on shot of New BMW M4 competition

In fact, the new BMW M4 Competition gets some positive upgrades with its midlife cycle. The headline news is that instead of the 510hp you got in the earlier cars, power has now been upped to 530hp. 0-62mph is over in 3.5 seconds while the drop-top variant takes a few tenths longer at 3.7 seconds.

In North America, base model M4 RWD cars are still equipped with 473hp, while Competition spec RWD M4s get 503hp.

New BMW M4 competition convertible front 3/4 shot

What else is new on the updated BMW M4 Competition?

Exterior wise, not much. You’ll notice the CSL style rear lights, these feature fancy laser lighting. It uses a laser to illuminate glass fiber bundles to create a 3D effect. Everything else is largely the same.

Thankfully, that isn’t replicated inside. The new BMW M4 Competition gets the upgraded 8.5 operating system. BMW says there’s been refinements made to a number of buttons and controls in the cabin for ease of use. Most notably is the pair of screens. The first is a 12.3inch display for the driver, which then joins up to the main 14.9-inch screen that controls the infotainment system.

new m4 interior M4 interior shot

For a more racier look, the steering wheel is now available in Alcantara and has had its bottom shaved.

For those wanting to customize further, a whole host of M Performance Parts are available, including forged wheels, carbon body parts and a whole assortment of random accessories. Want to take it on track? There’s a Race Track pack just for you, that sees carbon ceramic brakes added plus an M carbon exterior pack. I can’t imagine that will be cheap.

front on shot of New BMW M4 competition rear 3/4 shot of New BMW M4 competition

How much is the new BMW M4 Competition?

Prices start at $84,250 for the M4 xDrive Competition Coupe while the Convertible starts at £88,255.