The Manhart Alpina 2002 tii is the latest creation to emerge from the German tuning company’s resto-modding initiative. Here’s all the details.

A little while ago, German tuning house Manhart began turning its attention to rides that were a little more retro. First came their take on the Lancia Delta Integrale, and then there was a beefed-up E30 M3. Now though, Manhart has delved even further into the history books and picked out this little ’70s sports sedan as its next canvas for enhancement.

Sometimes people can be a bit wary of altered classics, but Manhart’s two previous attempts at resto-mods have proven that they know how to build quality (and importantly, tasteful) old-school vehicles. On face value, the exterior certainly seems to suggest that this Alpina will be equally as good. In fact, from a visual standpoint, we reckon it’s their best work so far. Anyway, what about the actual internals? Let’s uncover what Manhart has added into the 2002 mix.

engine bay of Manhart Alpina 2002

Powertrain specs

The car comes with the same 2.0-liter M10 in-line four-cylinder engine that Alpina used in its ‘A4’ version of the BMW 2002, which features an Alpina-designed throttle system and manifold. Manhart has then thrown in a K&N airbox and its own bespoke exhaust system to help the car breath better and enhance its voice. All in all, those small changes equate to an output of 200 horsepower and 215Nm (~159 lb ft) of torque. That might not sound like much, but it represents a decent boost over a stock BMW 2002’s 130hp. Plus, in a small, rear-wheel drive platform which weighs just around a ton, those 200 horses will feel rather lively.

side profile

Handling Modifications

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is quite an old car though, and as such, plenty of effort has gone into improving its running gear. The brakes come off an E21 323i, meaning that they’re bigger and more powerful than that of a standard 2002. Manhart has then installed a Raab Classics coilover kit, designed by suspension experts, KW. This, combined with a Wiechers strut brace gives the 2002 a lot more rigidity and poise through corners. The rims are original 16-inch Alpina alloys, and while the demo car wears them in silver, Manhart will spray them whichever color the client chooses. The tires, meanwhile, measure 215/40R16 at the front and 225/40R16 at the rear.

rear of Manhart Alpina 2002 tii

Aesthetic Flourishes

Manhart has wisely kept true to the sort of style that regular Alpinas wore back in the day, and as such this 2002 looks simply stunning in its two-tone dark paintwork with green and silver decals. The car is also sporting Alpina’s original wide arch kit, the fender flares lovingly nicknamed ‘pig cheeks’ by those within the BMW crowd. In order to get the perfect fitment, Manhart has had to make use of 25mm wheel spacers at both ends of the car though. All in all, you get a subtle yet stocky appearance that works super well on a car of this age.

Manhart Alpina 2002 interior

Inside, you’ll find a refreshed interior that keeps the old tech while complementing it with newer aesthetic flourishes. The driver and front passenger benefit from Scheel seats for instance, upholstered with a vibrant pattern that reflects the car’s exterior color palette. In the rear, meanwhile, you’ll find a Clubsport roll bar to keep things safe and sturdy. Though any rear passengers are likely to find it a little bit obstructive. But hey, if you’re buying this car for rear cabin comfort, then clearly you’re barking up the wrong tree. As an enthusiast’s weekend weapon of choice though, this Manhart Alpina 2002 is perhaps one of their most appealing offerings yet…