Welcome to Fast Car’s guide for last-minute Christmas gifts for car fans. If you’ve left the Christmas shopping until the last minute and are now frantically searching for the perfect present that will impress the petrolhead in your life, fear not!

We understand the passion that drives car enthusiasts and know just what will get their engines revving. From high-performance gadgets to stylish accessories, our last-minute gift guide is designed to help you find that special something that will make their Christmas merry and bright.

Read on to discover some of the best last-minute stocking fillers for car fans!

Meguiar’s Ultimate Paint Glosser

bottle of Ultimate Paint Glosser and a microfibre cloth ona car bonnet

Are you looking to give a gift that will truly make a car enthusiast’s heart race? Look no further than Meguiar’s Ultimate Paint Glosser! This incredible product is designed to enhance your car’s paint in ways you’ve never seen before. From boosting colour and saturation to reducing the appearance of swirls, this gloss enhancer is a game-changer.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Paint Glosser takes your car’s gloss and shine to a whole new level. By nourishing your paint, it turns up the colour saturation and enhances gloss, leaving your car looking as if it just rolled off the showroom floor. The clever ingredients in this spray polish work their magic, providing the results of a traditional liquid polish without excessive time and effort. It’s the perfect solution for car enthusiasts who crave a show-stopping shine without spending hours polishing.

One of the fantastic features of Meguiar’s Ultimate Paint Glosser is its ability to conceal light swirls and towel marks. We all know how frustrating it can be to notice those imperfections in your car’s paint, but this gloss enhancer has got you covered. With each application, it effectively hides those swirls, enhancing reflections and creating a flawless, mirror-like finish. Your car’s paint will appear seamless, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Simply spray the product onto a microfiber towel and work it into the surface of your car. Use overlapping passes for even coverage without streaking or smearing. Flip the towel over to wipe off any excess, and voila! A dazzling, glossy finish awaits. It’s the perfect solution for quick and easy paint care, making it a fantastic gift for car fans who want outstanding results in no time.

Price: £19

Where to buy: Amazon

Auto Finesse Essentials Kit

products that form a car detailing kit

This carefully curated kit is the ultimate solution for maintaining and enhancing the appearance of any beloved vehicle. The Auto Finesse 6-piece Essentials Kit is a comprehensive collection of car care essentials exclusive to Euro Car Parts, thoughtfully designed to cater to every aspect of your car’s upkeep. From cleaning the exterior to sprucing up the interior, this kit has it all. Say goodbye to rummaging through multiple products, as everything you need is conveniently gathered in one place. It’s a car enthusiast’s dream come true.

What’s in the kit?

The Lather Car Shampoo is the perfect starting point for any car cleaning session. Developed to be pH neutral, this shampoo effectively breaks away bonded contamination, leaving your vehicle spotless. It suds up quickly to create a lusciously thick foam that’s safe and effective on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, vinyl wraps, plastics, rubber, and glass.

Imperial Wheel Cleaner is a powerful alloy wheel cleaner that takes the hassle out of cleaning those dirty, brake-dust-covered wheels. This powerful aqueous cleaning agent, degreaser, and brake dust remover effortlessly tackles the heaviest salt, road films, and harmful contamination.

Say goodbye to streaks, smears, and unsightly residue with the Crystal Glass Cleaner. Formulated specifically to cut through greasy films, water spots, drying marks, and fingerprints, this glass cleaner will leave your windows crystal clear.

For a quick and easy way to protect and enhance your car’s finish, look no further than the Glisten Spray Wax. This high-tech spray car wax offers four weeks of protection while providing a glossy, showroom-like shine.

Total Interior Cleaner is your go-to solution for deep, all-purpose interior cleaning. Designed to be safe for all surfaces, including sensitive plastics and Alcantara, this versatile cleaner leaves your car’s interior looking and feeling fresh.

No car care routine is complete without dressing the tires. The Gloss Tyre Dressing takes your tyres from dull to dazzling in an instant. This advanced silicone-based dressing offers a deep, wet look, elevating the appearance of your tires with minimal effort.

Get ready to turn heads wherever you go.

Price: £39.99

Where to buy: Euro Car Parts

MMR Performance BMW F2x and F3x bush inserts

bush insert kit laid out on white background

Know a modern BMW owner? Then this one is for them! MMR Performance is offering two crucial handling upgrades that will improve the stability and performance of any F2x and F3x model – Billet Differential Inserts and Billet Subframe Inserts.

Designed and engineered in-house in the UK, these MMR Performance upgrade kits are specifically designed to limit movement in the factory differential and subframe mounts of the BMW F2x and F3x chassis. By filling small voids in the factory mounts and restricting vertical movement, these billet aluminium inserts eliminate unwanted slop and maintain proper suspension geometry, resulting in a more refined and connected driving experience.

Installation of these MMR Performance upgrades is a breeze and can be completed in under an hour, making it an ideal last-minute Christmas gift for any car enthusiast. Not only that, but the installation is completely reversible, allowing the recipient to remove the inserts if desired without any lasting effects.

One of the key benefits of the Billet Differential Inserts and Billet Subframe Inserts is their ability to improve the responsiveness of the rear suspension and differential. The rubber mounts used in the BMW F2x and F3x series can often deflect under load, leading to a vague and loose rear-end feel, compromised suspension geometry, and increased understeer. But with the MMR Performance inserts, these issues are addressed, ensuring optimal performance in various driving conditions.

So why wait? Gift the gift of enhanced handling and performance this Christmas with MMR Performance Billet Differential Inserts and Billet Subframe Inserts. Help your loved ones maintain correct suspension geometry, improve responsiveness, and elevate their driving experience to new heights.

Price: from £119.99

Where to buy: MMR Performance

Motul performance lubricants and fluids

Can of engine oil placed on engine bay

When it comes to the world of high-performance cars, every detail matters. From engine performance to braking efficiency and smooth gear shifting, every component plays a crucial role in delivering an exhilarating driving experience. That’s why Club Motul‘s range of performance lubricants makes the perfect Christmas gift for any petrolhead.

The Motul ‘performance’ collection includes three outstanding products that cater to different aspects of your car’s performance. Motul 300V Power 5w-30 engine oil meets the demands of high-performance engines thanks to its special formulation. No matter the spec, Motul 300V provides the lubrication and protection your engine needs to unleash its full potential.

The kit also includes Motul RBF 660 brake fluid. As any racing enthusiast knows, braking performance is of utmost importance on the track. RBF600 delivers optimal braking power even under extreme racing conditions.

The third product in the performance trilogy is Motul Gear 300 75w-90. Designed for high-performance cars equipped with mechanical transmissions, hypoid differentials, and transfer gearboxes, Gear 300 75W-90 provides unrivalled protection and efficiency.

Fast Car 10% Discount

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All products are available to purchase separately, allowing you to tailor your gift to your loved one’s specific needs. Give the gift of top-tier lubrication with Club Motul Performance Lubricants.

Price: from £15.99

Where to buy: Club Motul

Power Delivery Module by RacingLine

Power Delivery Module kit in hard case

One of the most exciting gift ideas for car enthusiasts this Christmas is the Power Delivery Module (PDM) from RacingLine. This powerful tool allows car enthusiasts to flash RacingLine Performance Software themselves, putting the power of customisation into their hands. The only snag is they won’t be able to open it on Christmas Day, as the product is due for official launch in the New Year. But it’s worth waiting a few weeks to be one of the first to enjoy this fantastic new technology when it is released!

With the RacingLine PDM Tuning Portal, accessing a performance software suite has never been easier. From stock tuning to Stage 1, 1-plus, 2, and 3 (where available), TCU transmission tuning, and different fuel options, the flashing process is simple and user-friendly. The module also allows owners to easily return to stock settings if desired.

Multiple uses

What makes the RacingLine PDM even more impressive is its versatility. Once purchased, the module can be used for any applicable vehicle. By working against the vehicle’s VIN number, users can utilise the PDM multiple times. This means that if you want to flash RacingLine Software onto your friend or family member’s car, all you need to do is purchase the relevant file and Racing Line will enable that VIN on their server.

To start using the RacingLine PDM, users will receive their own credentials via email, providing access to the software portal. This level of personalised access ensures a smooth and secure experience while flashing software onto your vehicle or others.

So, if you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift that will truly excite any car fan, the RacingLine Power Delivery Module is an excellent choice. With its ability to enhance performance and offer easy customization options, it will surely be a gift they remember for years to come. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give the gift of power and performance this holiday season!

Price: £150

Where to buy: RacingLine

AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer

AlcoSense breathalyzer in box

If you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift that combines practicality and safety, then the AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer is the perfect choice. This advanced breathalyzer is designed to deliver accurate and reliable results every time, making it an essential tool for responsible driving.

The Elite 3 is the latest model from AlcoSense, a trusted and award-winning brand known for its high-quality breathalyzers. It features a state-of-the-art semi-conductor sensor that can measure alcohol levels in your breath with precision and consistency. Whether you want to check your alcohol level before getting behind the wheel or monitor your drinking habits for health reasons, this device has got you covered.

Not only is the AlcoSense Elite 3 highly accurate, but it is also incredibly user-friendly. Its one-button operation guides you through the testing process with audible and visual cues, making it easy to use even for those who are not tech-savvy. Additionally, the device features a smart self-calibration system that automatically adjusts the sensor for optimal performance every time you turn it on.

Give the gift of responsible and safe driving this Christmas with the AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer. Whether it’s for your loved ones or yourself, this advanced breathalyzer is a practical and thoughtful gift that will help keep car enthusiasts safe on the road. Order yours today and provide the gift of peace of mind this holiday season.

Price: £69.99

Where to Buy: AlcoSense

Fast Car Entertainment Shows

car drifting at TRAX show

Picture this: the roar of engines, the smell of burnt rubber, and the exhilarating atmosphere of a bustling car event. Now imagine giving that experience to the car fanatic in your life. Fast Car Entertainment events are the epitome of automotive excitement, and they make the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.

By gifting tickets to one of the Fast Car Entertainment events, you’re not just giving them a day out – you’re giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of high-performance vehicles, jaw-dropping displays, and like-minded individuals who share the same passion for cars.

Shows for all petrolheads

Whether they’re a die-hard JDM lover, a Ford aficionado, or simply appreciate all things German, our range of events has got it all. We have a huge selection of shows at prestigious venues such as the picturesque Mallory Park in Leicestershire, the nostalgic Goodwood circuit in Chichester, or the home of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in Northamptonshire. Our events include JapFest, VWt Festival, Ford Fair, TRAX, Ford Fest, German Car Festival, and Classic JapFest, so no matter what make and model of cars your loved one is interested in, there’s a show they’ll love!

Fast Car Entertainment events are not just about looking at cars; they’re about being a part of a vibrant car community. Your car enthusiast friend or family member will have the opportunity to meet fellow car lovers, talk shop, make new connections, and even get inspiration for their own projects. It’s an experience that they will treasure for years to come.

So, why not treat the car fan in your life to a ticket to one of the highly-anticipated Fast Car Entertainment events?

Book before December 31st and you’ll enjoy the biggest discounts from our Early Bird offer. It’s an excellent last-minute Christmas gift idea!

Price: from £15

Where to buy: Fast Car Entertainment Events

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your life, we’ve got just the thing. Introducing Gtechniq’s C5 Wheel Armour. Wheels are an integral part of any car, and keeping them in pristine condition is crucial. With C5 Wheel Armour, you can provide unbeatable protection for those hard-earned rims, ensuring they stay looking their best for years to come.

What sets C5 Wheel Armour apart from the rest is its ease of application. While other protective coatings can be cumbersome and time-consuming, C5 Wheel Armour makes the process a breeze.

But why is it so important to protect your wheels?

Well, not only do they add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your car, but they also endure a great deal of wear and tear on the road. Brake dust, road grime, and harmful contaminants can accumulate on your wheels, making them difficult to clean and potentially damaging the finish over time. This is where C5 Wheel Armour comes in.

Gtechniq’s C5 Wheel Armour forms a durable and long-lasting protective layer on the wheel surface. It works on all common wheel types, including powder-coated, diamond-cut, chrome, and polished alloy. By forming a chemical bond with the wheel surface, C5 Wheel Armour creates a barrier between the wheels and contaminants, repelling brake dust and preventing it from sticking. This not only keeps your wheels cleaner for longer but also makes maintenance a breeze.

But C5 Wheel Armour doesn’t stop at just protecting your wheels. With the ability to withstand high temperatures over 600°C, it’s also suitable for use on brake callipers, ensuring they stay looking sharp. Some car owners have even used it on their exhaust tailpipes to make cleaning off stubborn carbon deposits a walk in the park.

When it comes to protecting your investment, Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour is the go-to solution for car enthusiasts who take pride in their wheels. With its easy application, unbeatable protection, and versatility, it’s a gift that any car fan will appreciate. So why wait? Give the gift of long-lasting wheel protection this Christmas and make those rims shine like never before!

Price: from £18.75

Where to buy: Gtechniq

TopScan OBD Scanner

TopScan OBD dongle beside its packaging

Looking for the ultimate gift for the car enthusiast who loves to get their hands dirty under the bonnet? Look no further than the TopScan OBD scanner from Topdon. This pocket-sized tool packs a punch, transforming your phone into a powerful scan tool that goes beyond basic diagnostics. It’s the perfect gift for car fans who want to take their car knowledge to the next level.

The TopScan OBD scanner connects to the OBD2 port of any vehicle and seamlessly communicates with the TopScan app on your phone. From reading and clearing fault codes for all systems to providing a wealth of diagnostic information, this gadget is a game-changer. Whether they’re dealing with engine issues, transmission troubles, or ABS complications, the TopScan OBD scanner has got them covered.

Bidirectional control

But that’s not all. The TopScan OBD scanner also offers bidirectional control, giving users the ability to access vehicle-specific subsystems and component parts. Need to test your fuel injectors or diagnose a faulty window motor? Simply connect the TopScan OBD scanner and take control. It’s like having a personal automotive technician at your fingertips.

This incredible device also features 8 reset functions for commonly used maintenance services. Need to perform an oil reset or reset your steering angle? The TopScan OBD scanner has got you covered.

Designed for both DIY enthusiasts and professional technicians, the TopScan OBD scanner is a revolutionary product that is a must-have tool for any car fan who wants to take control of their car’s diagnostics. So, why not gift them the power to unlock their car’s potential this Christmas with the TopScan OBD scanner?

Price: £59.39

Where to Buy: Amazon