JCB Potholemaster

JCB Potholemaster to the rescue.

Fed up of wrecking your precious wheels on crappy potholed roads? Well, JCB are attempting to save Britain’s roads and our wheels.

The British digger maker has just announced plans to wage war on the nation’s millions of potholes, with the launch of a new machine designed to rid the UK’s roads of the menace.

The news comes on the day that a survey of local authorities revealed that the estimated cost of getting roads in England and Wales back into a “reasonable” condition will cost £12 billion.

JCB is taking the wraps off a brand new product called the ‘Potholemaster’ – a new twist on its iconic backhoe loader which can permanently fix potholes which blight our lives.

The self-deployable machine, which can travel at 40kph, has an attachment at the rear called a patch planer which is equipped with 45 steel teeth to grind away the surface of the pothole and surrounding road.

JCB Potholemaster
Once that job is complete, the digger slips into reverse and drives backwards and then forwards over the ground-out pothole, sweeping up the resulting dust, dirt and debris with a giant sweeper collector on the front of the machine.

With these tasks completed quickly and efficiently, a sound base is created for a permanent repair of the pothole with tarmac. Clever eh?

massive pothole

A pothole yesterday.

More than two million potholes a year are filled across England and Wales and millions of pounds in compensation is paid every year to motorists whose vehicles are damaged.

And luckily, it comes just as the Government makes an additional £200 million available in the Budget for councils to tackle the problem. So we suggest you get your credit card out Mr Cameron.

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