Want to stop your car from being easily stolen? Well you need an RFID Wallet and we’ve got 200 to giveaway!

Hey you, yes you! Have you got a modern car with keyless entry and start? Well, you’re obviously doing all right for yourself then, so do yourself a favour and buy one of these RFID wallets.

This very clever little key pouch is designed to solve the problem of organised crime gangs scanning your cars RFID code and buggering off into the night with your motor.

By incorporating a special internal membrane the wallet blocks the signal generated by your keys, which stops thieving scumbags who think they’re all Jason Bourne obtaining entry while your car is parked up outside your house.

halfords rfid wallet

It’s simple, effective and can save you having your car stolen. And get this, it can be yours for a tenner or if you’re too tight for that, you can win one for naff all in our competition.

We’ve got 200 to giveaway thanks to Halfords and for a chance to win all you have to do is ENTER YOUR DETAILS HERE.

But if you don’t want to risk waiting until then, you can pick one up from your local Halfords and or get it delivered to your door from Halfords online at RFID Wallet.

Competition closes Midnight (GMT) 5 December 2018.