Cars have always been a big part of the Grand Theft Auto series (it’s literally in the name), so I’ve combed through the new GTA 6 trailer to pick out all the car-based teasers.

Ten years in the making, it’s finally here. The GTA 6 trailer sent social media into meltdown yesterday as we got the first glimpse of the newest chapter in the world’s biggest video game franchise. It may only be about 90 seconds long, but there’s an awful lot of detail to pick out and analyze from these first few frames. This is Fast Car though, not IGN or Gamespot, so in this article I’ll be sticking solely to the automotive teasers, rather than getting deep in game lore and plot theory.

Sound good? Here’s what we’ve seen so far…

lowriders and donks in GTA 6

Low Riders & Donks

GTA 6 is set to return to the fictional Vice City, which is based on the not-so fictional neon haze of Miami. As such, the game will tap into all sorts of aspects of Miami culture, and on the automotive side of things, that often means low riders and big-wheeled donks. Neither of these genres of modified car are anything new to the GTA franchise, but it’s likely that they’ll take a much more front-and-center role in the Vice City landscape.

If you’re unfamiliar with the GTA universe, it’s also worth mentioning that none of the cars and bikes in the game are real, licensed vehicles. However, it’s fair to say that they do take heavy inspiration from the real world. Scanning this particular screenshot, you can see a generic silver SUV based on what appears to be a Chevy Suburban, and further up the street there’s an emerald green imitation of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The pink donk is less clear to me (feel free to shout at the screen you’re reading this on if you know the answer), while in the courtyard my guess would be a beige Crown Vic.

Supercars in GTA 6


GTA is a game which lets you live out your wildest dreams and darkest thoughts, and supercars are naturally a big part of that conceptual excess. If this frame is anything to go by, we certainly won’t be short of choice when it comes to performance cars. As mentioned, all of these models are fictional, but look closely enough and you’ll see the lines of the vehicles they’re based upon. The blue droptop Porsche 911 is quite an obvious one, as is the white Ferrari Testarossa. Nice little Miami Vice easter egg there by the way, Rockstar.

Elsewhere on the street there appears to be an orange Dodge Demon and a red Aston Martin Vantage Zagato, though the latter of the two looks like an old GTA 5 render, leading me to wonder whether it might just be a placeholder for the trailer, and not feature in the final release of GTA 6. That’s pure speculation though.

Further down, there’s a blue C8 Corvette and perhaps a black Lincoln Navigator. Bonus points for you if you can identify anything else.

A street takeover in GTA 6


Takeovers are one of the uglier sides of modern car culture. In fact, that’s doing car culture a disservice, because although there are certainly cars involved, the clowns who attend these takeovers in real life tend to do it for the clout rather than for the love of driving. Ever seen that viral video of a takeover gang wreck a poor commuter’s Toyota MR2? Yeah, that ain’t car enthusiast behavior. Still, takeovers are becoming an increasingly large part of American culture, and any GTA game worth its salt should be a reflection of the times we’re living in. That means highlighting the bad as well as the good. In fact, the GTA series revels in bringing the bad firmly into focus.

As far as actual cars go, it’s pretty hard to make out any distinctive models. There’s a pink Crown Vic in the center of the junction and a green Dodge Demon amongst the tire smoke. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. I will say though, that the white coupe in the center of the left-hand road is a bit reminiscent of an S15 Silvia…

Bikes and quads in GTA 6

Bikes & Quads

Alright, these aren’t strictly *cars* per se, but look – dirt bikes and quads are in the game, as well as the superbikes you may have spotted in earlier scenes. And, more than that, if you look closely you’ll notice that they’re modified.

Police chase in GTA 6

Police Chases

We’re bound to experience plenty of these while playing GTA 6 when it releases in 2025. The cops are back in their Charger and  Taurus-based interceptors, and it looks as though the culprits of this getaway have commandeered a classic Porsche. Good taste.

Muscle car drifting in GTA 6

American Muscle

It wouldn’t be an American action game without an American muscle car being driven heroically. The GTA 6 trailer doesn’t disappoint as new lead characters Lucia and Jason make their getaway in a ’70s coupe. This one is giving me Chevy Chevelle vibes. What do you reckon?

Anyway, if you somehow haven’t seen the trailer yet in its full glory, feel free to give it a watch below!