Do you want to show your car off to the rest of the world? Well now is your chance, as the international Speedhunters team will be descending on TRAX 2012 from as far afield as Los Angeles and Stockholm in search of the UK’s top car build.
Speedhunters TRAX
So, if you think your car is good enough, shoot some pics of your car on your phone at TRAX and upload them to Twitter or Instagram. You will then need to hash-tag the image: #FEATURETHIS.

Over the course of the event, the Speedhunters’ crew will be monitoring the hash-tag and picking out their favourite cars. Owners will be messaged on Twitter or Instagram.
Speedhunters TRAX
Speedhunters Rod Chong told Fast Car: “We are pretty sure that the TRAX crowd will be showcasing some feature-worthy machines on Sept 2nd at Silverstone. We’re fairly open minded when it comes to the type of car we want to photograph, it could be anything from a drift car, a track day special, a rusting rat mobile, air ride VW or Time Attack monster.

He added: “Originality, style and fabrication quality are what’s going to capture the Speedhunters crew’s eyes.”

The best car of the lot will be awarded a full Speedhunters feature photo shoot by Speedhunters’ own Bryn Musselwhite

TRAX is part of the Adrian Flux Auto Series