fast car magazine digital
If you were lucky enough to get a new iPad or similar tablet or smart phone from Santa Claus, you’ll be glad to know you can download Fast Car straight to your device from anywhere on the planet.

You see, as if by magic iPad and iPhone users can get Fast Car on their devices through Fast Car Apple Newsstand.

And if you are on an android device you can get Fast Car Magazine for Android on Google Play.

That means, no matter where you are, you should never miss an issue! Cool eh?

How do I get Fast Car for iPad?
Getting FC on your iPad couldn’t be easier. Just search ‘Fast Car’ in the App Store, download the Fast Car Newsstand carrier and you’ll be notified everytime there’s a new issue ready to download! Or alternatively go to >>> Fast Car for iPad.

Got a non Apple tablet?
If you’re not down with the hard fruit revolution and you’re rocking an Android-based tablet don’t go crying into your cornflakes just yet. Nope, you can still download your digital dose of FC on Google Play for Fast Car. Check it out! Do it, do it now.