Following a dream that began many years ago, Sam Flack’s bagged one of the first M&M ‘Hyper’ wide body-kitted S2Ks in Europe…

If there’s one thing to take away from Sam Flack’s S2000 story, it’s this: never try and get in the way of a man with a plan.

You see, the last three years of this West Sussex-based travel exec’s life have almost entirely been filled with trying to prove his peers wrong by building one of the first wide arch-kitted S2000s on this continent. And a limited budget, a slightly shonky base car and only a driveway to perform it all on weren’t going to obstruct him in the slightest…

“It was always the idea to put this kit on it,” Sam says of the time when he was still in the process of purchasing one of Honda’s acclaimed roadsters – and pondering the idea of a seriously JDM M&M Honda wide-body kit. “I told my friends in my Hondas In South group my ideas, and they laughed at me!” Undeterred, Sam continued with his plans, collecting this relatively cheap Silverstone Grey model back in 2015.

If the phrase ‘relatively cheap’ sent alarm bells ringing in your head, give yourself a pat on the back, because Sam soon realised this Silverstone Grey example wasn’t as great as it first appeared. “It was a complete mess. A proper dog!” he painfully recalls. “Its engine bay was mint, the oil looked clean and the seats not very worn. But I quickly found out it was the biggest pool of mould I’d ever sat in!”


By ripping the interior out and giving the whole thing a complete sterilisation with chlorine bleach, as well as buying a new mohair roof, Sam has thankfully now kept the dreaded mold at bay ever since, once again beginning to focus on modifications rather than repairs. Knowing he’d need an air suspension system and some seriously huge rims to pull the kit off, the hunt was on for relatively cheap parts that fit the bill.

“It was just a process of what to get, and how, within my budget,” says Sam. Getting a little clever and scouring the small ads online took up the next part of his life. “My good friend Fyse found the full D2 air suspension kit second hand, which was pretty much brand new when it turned up!”

It may have been almost new, but a lack of instructions or wiring diagrams left Sam frantically messaging his Hondas In South pals and taking advice from Fyse, along with a fair few gruelling hours spent under his car on the drive, before the roadster was left going up and down nicely. “I had to mould the gauges into my centre console and fit the struts almost single handedly, outside my house. But we got there in the end!” Sam grins, once again showing his determination to not let anything stop him from creating a killer show car.


Next stop: the hoops that would fill the soon-to-be wider arches. And there was only one choice for young Sam here, really. “I have CCWs on my Civic coupé daily, and have had such a good and easy service from the company, so they were the obvious choice.” What style from the acclaimed American split rim legend would Sam opt for this time though? “The D240s are just stunning. It took a fair few hours of sitting over numerous plates of chicken with Fyse before we spec’d up the sizes we wanted, though.” Weighing in at a fairly colossal 12.5 inches out back, and with a staggering six inches of dish all-round, these polished three-piece puppies would’ve looked frankly ridiculous if it wasn’t…

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