The Audi RS4 isn’t the only ballistic big power fast estate car that will make your Spaniel sick. Here are ten other ‘sensible’ estates that can be tuned for serious power and are a right laugh to boot.

best fast estate cars

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

The medium-sized Merc has proper grunt thanks to a large capacity V8, kicking out 451bhp. Available as auto only, it’s one of those cars that’s made for flooring it in a straight line and also sounds fantastic.

Price: £32 – £49k

best fast estate cars

Nissan Stagea

Import-only Japanese barge that looks nothing special – unless you get one with a Skyline engine fitted, that is! The 260 RS had a 2.6ltr GT-R lump, which is very rare, but has legendary tuning potential.

Price: £8 – £12k

best fastest estate cars

Audi RS6

The biggest, baddest estate that money can buy. The latest RS6 is seriously quick thanks to its 5ltr twin turbo V10, but with some fairly minor (if expensive) tuning, you can easily see 700bhp from this almost two-tonne monster!

Price: £48k – £69k

best fastest estate cars

VW Passat R36

A hot Passat may seem like an odd idea, but that didn’t stop VW creating the R36. The usual quality build is mated to 4WD and a silky-smooth 3.6ltr V6 that’s good for 298bhp and 0-62mph in 5.8sec.

Price: £19 – £30k

best fastest estate cars

Volvo 850 T-5R

It may be getting a bit long in the tooth now, but the Swedish super estate is still a fantastic tool. With a 5-cylinder 2.3ltr turbo lump that’s begging to be tuned, these can crack 155mph as standard. Not many R versions around, but worth seeking out.

Price: £2 – £5k

best fastest estate cars

Audi A6 2.7 biturbo

It may be overshadowed by the S and RS versions, but the rare 2.7 biturbo makes a lot of sense. The same engine that’s in the B5 S4 can be tuned to over 500bhp with relatively simple bolt on upgrades. Add to this Quattro 4WD, and you’ve got a proper wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Price: £2 – £5k

best fastest estate cars

BMW M5(E60) Touring

The new 5-series has recently been launched, but there’s no M-version yet. So for now we’ll have to make do with the stunning V10-powered E60. With 501bhp available in Sport mode, this is one of the finest large performance cars ever made.

Price: £18 – £50k

best fastest estate cars

Subaru Legacy

The Impreza’s ugly sister, the Legacy has the same engine and 4WD system. It therefore goes round corners like it has no right to and is ripe for more power. It’s also a right bargain as early versions like this one can be had for under two-grand.

Price: £1.5 – £6k

best fastest estate cars

Vauxhall Vectra VXR

A repmobile Vectra may seem an odd choice, but bear with us. How does a 276bhp, turbocharged V6 sound? These things do 163mph as standard, so with a few tweaks they’re deadly! Vauxhall didn’t build many, so you’ll need to hunt around, but well worth the effort.

Price: £9 – £16k

best fastest estate cars

Evo IX Wagon

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks, it’s a Lancer estate! Available as estate in Japan only, the Wagon gets the same 4G63 2ltr lump as found in Evo VIII.

Price: £10 – £25k