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Circu Bun Van Bed

Circu Bun Van Bed

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 15th June 2017

Apart from any bed sporting Margot Robbie naked and covered in whipped cream, we’re guessing this VW style camper van bed has to be the most awesome bit of bedroom furniture ever conceived…

Okay, so the Bun Van may be designed specifically for kids, but sod that, we definitely want one too. We mean, just how cool is this thing? Way too cool for some spoilt, snotty- nosed little urchins.

Of course, it’d probably be cheaper to take off your roof, hire a helicopter and drop a real VW camper in your bedroom. But where’s the fun in that? Hand made in Portugal by bespoke Magical Furniture designers, Circu, this limited-edition item features everything from a built-in sofa and desk to a plasma telly and even a minibar. In other words, in comparison it makes our office look like a bit of a shithole! Proper awesomeness.

Price £34,000

For more info see Circu

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