Car depreciation can be a bitch, unless you’re a buyer of course. So come with us as we take appreciation in depreciation and check out the VW Mk3 Scirocco, a car that could now be yours for just £5k!

VW MK3 Scirocco
Price new: £31,000
Price now: £5,000

Named after a desert wind, the original 1974 Scirocco was developed as a successor to the gorgeous but seriously outdated Karmann Ghia. It took the functional Mk1 Golf platform and turned it into something sleek, swoopy and sexy.

cheap Vw Scirocco

And in 2008, VW decided to have another crack at it. The modern Scirocco, based on the Mk5 Golf platform, is a genuinely beautiful thing to behold, being that most rare thing among modern motors: a car that actually looks pretty much the same as the concept car that heralded it. The move from 2006 IROC concept to 2008 production model involved basically just slapping the correct badges on and stuffing a warranty in the glovebox.

cheap Vw Scirocco

They’re decent value now too. Originally retailing from £21,535-£31,225 (depending on spec), you can pick one up for £5k today. Although it’ll probably be a TDI, and life’s too short to drive diesels, so save up a few extra quid and splash £6k on a 2.0 TSI – you’ll get 200bhp-odd straight out of the box, with all the tenability that’s baked into a modern VAG turbo motor. Not to mention one of the best-looking stock interiors in the business – back seats shouldn’t look that good!

Just shove a load of power in, get it lower, and enjoy the summer!

TV advert for the VW Mk3 Scirocco