BMW are intent on revolutionizing in-car tech over the next decade or so, with features like this: the BMW Panoramic Vision head-up display.

BMW’s ‘Neue Klasse’ of upcoming EVs promise to be bursting full of innovative tech that will change how we view driving and car ownership altogether. Just check out this slightly cheesy promo vid to see what I mean. (Speaking of which, is it just us, or does that film actually do a better job of promoting the past rather than the future..?)

You may have seen some stories about BMW’s new tech already. At the 2023 edition of CES, their ‘E ink’ and ‘ePaper’ caused a stir when unveiled on the funky i Vision Dee Concept. However, color-shifting bodywork isn’t something you should expect to see on any production car this side of 2030. But, what is, is BMW’s new generation of head-up displays.

What is BMW Panoramic Vision?

BMW Panoramic Vision is a digital display that spans the entire width of the windscreen (or thereabouts), meaning that information will not only be available to the driver, but also to the other passengers as well. Naturally, BMW will tailor the positioning of certain readouts by their relevance to driver or passenger. So, for instance, the speedometer will be in the driver’s line of sight, whereas readouts such as outside temperature can tuck into the passenger side of the display. Therefore, you get a less cluttered dash, without foregoing any functionality.

Additionally, BMW seem strongly committed to the idea of bringing virtual reality into the cabin of their future vehicles. As testament to that, the i Vision Dee Concept effectively uses its windscreen as a surface upon which to project elements of virtual reality. And while the concept car’s windscreen graphics are better left in a sci-fi movie, you can easily see how manufacturers could implement VR to enhance a production vehicle’s head-up display…

Anyway, the first iteration of BMW Panoramic Vision will be available to drivers from the year 2025, along with a host of other bits and pieces of tech which BMW are set to unveil in due course. To explain more, here’s Frank Weber – a man who oversees BMW’s technology development path:

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