The recently-launched BMW i5 luxury sedan comes packed with all sorts of high-end interior tech, including a new in-built BMW gaming console.

Modern car head units and dashboard displays are getting fancier by the day, and now, BMW has come up with a novel way to use them for fun. Remember, Danny Yamato from the original Fast and Furious movie? Well it seems as though BMW’s tech engineers have re-watched that film recently, because like his Civic, the new i5 sedan’s dash can turn into a very expensive gaming console.

The idea behind it is that you and your passengers will have something entertaining to do when parked up, or when waiting around for the car to charge. So, is it any good? Let’s take a closer look…

Use a QR code to sync your phone with the BMW gaming console.

BMW Gaming Console Functionality

First things first, let’s correct ourselves slightly. Technically, this isn’t a BMW gaming console. It’s actually the design and engineering work of a company called AirConsole.

In order to play games in the car, you first need to download the AirConsole smartphone app. With that done, you’ll need to then boot up AirConsole on the car’s Curved Display, at which point it’ll prompt you to scan a QR code with your phone. That should be enough for the two devices to sync up automatically, and from there, you can get stuck in. AirConsole supports local multiplayer too, so if you’ve got any passengers with you, they can take part as well.

Now, this isn’t a console designed for any long periods of usage, so don’t expect to see any AAA titles in its portfolio. Instead, for now there’s a selection of 15 ‘casual’ games, including the popular kitchen puzzle game, ‘Overcooked’. More options will join the roster in due course, though.

BMW i5 AirConsole wrap

BMW i5 Gaming Presentation Car

To celebrate the launch of this fun new bit of kit, BMW unveiled a specially-wrapped version of the new BMW i5. Its purple livery includes a variety of visual cues from the world of gaming. For instance, its swathes of blocky pixelated pattern are a nod to the classic 8-bit era, while the pink graphic shapes are based on controller handsets.

While the new BMW AirConsole platform is making its debut in the BMW 5-Series and its electric i5 cousin, we can expect the tech to trickle down into future models too. BMW has made big noise in recent months about its upcoming ‘Neue Klasse’ of vehicles and their revolutionary infotainment. So, it only makes sense that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the BMW gaming console further down the line…