The Mitsubishi Evo X guise, has now entered the pure ‘performance bargain’ territory – with early examples of the car now available for around £12,000.

Like all cars, the Evo X’s chassis responds well to a good set of coilovers. So it’s rather lucky then that BILSTEIN has released a B16 coilover kit.

The B16 kits offer factory levels of fit, finish and ride quality, coupled with significant improvements in handling. Designed and produced entirely in-house in BILSTEIN’s cutting-edge German production facilities.

Thanks to precision-machined threaded steel bodies, the BILSTEIN kits offer 20mm of ride height adjustment from a lower starting point, which equates to a drop of between -30mm and -50mm.


Each damper unit has ten steps of adjustment, with bump and rebound being changed together in a carefully pre-set ratio to ensure that the car retains impeccable manners. With a damping range that offers either near-limo smoothness, track control or indeed, anything in-between, the BILSTEIN B16 kit truly allows you to have two cars in one.

As one of the World’s leading original equipment manufacturers and the supplier to many Japanese manufacturers at factory level, it comes as little surprise to learn that these kits carry full TUV approval and 12 months warranty.

Price £2176

For more info see BILSTEIN